Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Blanket and a Movie

A week ago I mentioned that I got out last winter's knitting project.........a blanket.

Actually Ron started this last year and completed two of the panels. He wanted to start a sweater, so I said I would complete it.

It was something I could handle....not too difficult and a pretty straight-forward pattern. If I had a problem, Ron would be right there to the rescue.

The yarn used is alpaca and is very soft. It will be more of a 'throw' than a full-fledged blanket.

My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was a kid. She made tons of mittens for us kids.....all the time because we would always lose one.

When I met Ron, he was wearing a sweater I really liked. He said he made it. That was it!!! The man for me. He brought my knitting to a different level. Just like he brought my swimming to a higher level.......probably didn't hurt that he was on the university swim team either.

Oh yes, I watched The Reader yesterday. Here goes. I generally thought it was a good movie mainly because of the acting. Kate Winslet was superb in portraying a woman with a dark past. (I am trying to not give too much away in case you want to see it.)

The 'boy', David Kross, was very convincing and played the inexperienced, somewhat naive young man very well. Ralph Fiennes was good but I have always had a problem with him. Why? I feel he is type-cast into dreary roles to see him in a comedy. Maybe he has been in one.

I would have liked to have seen more interaction between the boy and his family. I know there is only so much time to 'do' a movie, and it was plain to see that there was a message and lesson to us all in this film.

The content was a little dark but had to be. There is nudity which is done in a very beautiful way. A good film with history, and a good cast.

Movies can be so personal and I never listen to critics generally. So take what I said with a grain of salt. I am very picky when it comes to movies. If I don't find it believable or convincing I get bored. Much like a lot of fiction I have read or started.


  1. That is going to be a beautiful throw!! My daughter can knit like that, cables, etc, but not me. I can only straight knit, so your throw looks hard to me.

    I haven't seen the movie you posted. Like you, I don't believe all the movie critics on t.v. or media. I end up loving most of the movies they think are horrible. If a movie isn't believable, it loses me, too. But comedies...I love those.


  2. I am SOOO jealous of anyone with the patience to knit - a 'useful' and 'beautiful' craft that is beyond me. Nothing I adore more than a handknit sweater... and Alpaca yarn is luscious - you are doing it proud with your throw!

  3. Well ! i`m really impressed- I think its going to look gorgeous ! A man of hidden talents !

    I DO LOVE this work of YOURS....the warmest cream-coloured Alpaca - throw.........I ADORE it...and it isn't easy at all to knit this are sooo modest...; and on top of it : YOU knit GORGEOUSLY, very perfect !!!!!!
    (I've got an eye for it: I used to knit too, I loved to create my own sweathers) ; but I didn't knit so accurately as You do.....!!!!!!!

    Don't forget to show it when you finish this beautiful throw; yes??!!!

    ciao ciao elvira

  5. You say it's a simple and straight-forward pattern but it looks incredibly complex to me! (a non-knitter)

  6. I'm with you Jim, very picky on movies and books. There's so much good stuff out there though, it's just sifting through and finding it. I don't know what type you like, but let me make a suggestion... I read the book Running With Scissors a few years back and found it to be hysterical (in a sick kind of way) lol. I liked it so much I saw the movie later. Movies are rarely as good as books... but this movie was pretty good. in a sick kind of way. LOL. I heard later that several of the ppl in the book sued the writer for misrepresentation. ??? It was supposed to be a true memoir. Anyway, I might check the Reader out... and I love the throw! How cool it is that you have the patience to do that.

  7. PS. Now you have me thinking about movies... have you seen the movie Click? It was great!! A movie to make you think... happy and sad. funny and w/ a lot of heart. One of my faves... On a scale of 1 to 10 I gave it a strong 9.

  8. Now read the book The Reader like I did after I saw the film.
    I just " don't get " Ralph Feinnes .. he was in a sort of comedy - Rom /Com - Maid in Manhattan - awful ! Did like him a lot in The English Patient though.


  9. OMG! How clever are you two??? I am so

  10. I can't wait to sleep on THAT throw...I think it'll bring out the colour in my eyes! ;-)

  11. I so admire the talent that anyone such as yourself has to make something so lovely!! Do you think that knitting is getting to be a bit of a lost art? I don't know many people who knit, which is too bad because the things that I have that were made by someone have become such treasures!

  12. Kim, I think there are more than you realize. Just Google it. It is quite popular with around here. I think there is a slow but sure resurgence happening.

  13. i learned how to both knit and crochet as a girl, but never to read a pattern. i can crochet now, but knitting wood need much practice. what a beautiful throw, just beautiful... i have not seen the reader... YET ;)

  14. That's a very intricate cable pattern! It's beautiful. You and Ron are men of many talents.

  15. alpaca? a great choice for its softness and resilience.
    RALPH: MAID IN MAHNATTAN, not that awful....
    have a cocktail before.... not the best J-LO movie, but it's alright. there is so much worst out there...

  16. yOU ARE SO TALENTED JIM. . .the pattern seems very intricate and way beyond me. . ..well, I never even tried. . .lol

    You do a good brief film review. . now I want to see The Reader. . . you entice and I know nothing of the film. . . hahahhaa. . .clever.


  17. Bloody hell - that looks like it is soon to be a seriously cool blanket...and your husband is helping you? You have fallen on your feet big time - you sound very well suited!!

  18. Beautiful work! Hmm, think I would make pillow covers for on the sofa, but that's just me. I believe I have close to a dozen "throws". You guys do really nice work! I love cables and all the fancy patterns.


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