Saturday, November 20, 2010

Retro Saturday

You guessed it! I was back at the 'thrift' shops this week. 

This looked like Delft at first. But I realized it was 'delft' Japan. Not the Holland Delft. I still like it and have no idea what it would be used for. Do you? Too small for candy. It has a hair-line crack in the 'head' section but not at all noticeable.

It think it's really cute.

Got this little collection of Hull, USA pottery in two separate shops. Looked it up and the company started in  Crooksville, Ohio in 1905. They make all kinds of ceramic and pottery items.

This little 'jigger' caught my eye because it was a souvenir from Prince Edward Island. We spent almost a month there this summer.

This is an iridescent glass dish and I think it's from the 'depression era'. There are no 'marks' on it but it was very grimy and had to be cleaned up. But it has that 'depression' look.

I have a lot of Fire King items around the house and this small baking dish is another to add to the collection. It may have had a cover originally, but no longer.

Speaking of Fire King, here's another I found. 

It is called 'luster ware' and was all by itself without the saucer.

Hey, you would think that we had a huge house in which to put all this stuff. We don't! Some day I will sell it all just like I planned years ago......upon retirement.

Have a great Saturday everyone!!!

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