Saturday, November 20, 2010

Retro Saturday

You guessed it! I was back at the 'thrift' shops this week. 

This looked like Delft at first. But I realized it was 'delft' Japan. Not the Holland Delft. I still like it and have no idea what it would be used for. Do you? Too small for candy. It has a hair-line crack in the 'head' section but not at all noticeable.

It think it's really cute.

Got this little collection of Hull, USA pottery in two separate shops. Looked it up and the company started in  Crooksville, Ohio in 1905. They make all kinds of ceramic and pottery items.

This little 'jigger' caught my eye because it was a souvenir from Prince Edward Island. We spent almost a month there this summer.

This is an iridescent glass dish and I think it's from the 'depression era'. There are no 'marks' on it but it was very grimy and had to be cleaned up. But it has that 'depression' look.

I have a lot of Fire King items around the house and this small baking dish is another to add to the collection. It may have had a cover originally, but no longer.

Speaking of Fire King, here's another I found. 

It is called 'luster ware' and was all by itself without the saucer.

Hey, you would think that we had a huge house in which to put all this stuff. We don't! Some day I will sell it all just like I planned years ago......upon retirement.

Have a great Saturday everyone!!!


  1. Hello dear and a great retro saturday to you!

    Me thinks that the little dog is a planter, small plants that

    The Hull mugs remind me of my grandma, I think she had quite a collection.

    How are all your finds arranged? All displayed? Do you use them? In boxes in the shed?

  2. I used to arrange as much as I could . But that would be be impossible now! So I pack most for that 'future sale' and keep the ones I/we enjoy in the house and use them if possible. But most are packed and put in the basement......for now.

  3. hate the dog
    love the little fireking...
    have a great weekend jim

  4. And you talk about MY collecting! You've got it bad too, ha ha! The one handle bowl only came with a lid if it was a French casserole which I believe yours is and it's known as Danish Swirl Coppertint. I also love the FK Peach Lustre but it sure looks orange--really love it in the Laurel pattern. Of course I have a bunch of the Hall dripware including a lamp! McCoy also did brown (and green) drip. Great stuff, great finds!!!

  5. Can barely read, but wanted to check out your "finds". That's an odd little dog actually, to put the design in the center and a totally different look on the ends. How cute do the front & back look (fit) together without the middle? I'm wondering if this isn't a "marriage" between two animals of a different kind from the same mfg? I love the Fire King Bowl - Ramekin (?) Can't tell the size.

    DH was trying to mix up something and went for my old clear ribbed bowl and I had to scream - 'NOT THAT ONE!!!!!" That's my holiday/company fruit salad bow, don't you know.

    Eyes straining, just had to check out your goodies!


  6. what nice finds! the peach ones are like what my mom used to have, also the brown ones too, we had baked beans in those. the doggie? being that its oriental, maybe it was used for different sauces at dinner, OR to grow bamboo or those bonzi trees.
    i could also see pretty candies or even nuts in them now... do you ever post pics of your home? i have seen clips of your couch etc, and i like your style. nay, i'm just nosy!!! hahahahaha have a great weekend you retro lovin sweetie!

  7. Nuts...!!
    Try putting mixed nuts in the dog.....we have a dog...sort's like that...that my mom made when she owned a ceramic shop...we use him every year on our Thanksgiving table .... he holds the BUTTER!!!,,,he's a BUTTERDOG...!!


  8. Have you ever thought of opening an Ebay shop? Easy peasy way to reach other collectors!

  9. Oh! I love that wiener dog! You find some of the best stuff!

  10. The items all have a lovely warm glow (except the doggie, not sure what he is used for!)

  11. Little dog is just so passe - no wonder it ended up in a thrift shop, looks like an 'airport gift shop' item. Having said that, imho, its a table ornament that you can place small loose items in such as toothpicks and sticks of aromatic herbs, etc, or, if you were game, a desk ornament for things like paper clips, pins, page minder 'post its', etc.

    I like a lot of that bric-a-brac from thrift shops but after a while it just clutters up the place and becomes 'dust catchers'. I like to buy stuff I'm going to use - I bought 6 pyrex glass pie dishes in Cowra three weeks ago, left 3 at "The Camp" and bought 3 home and have already made a frittata in one of them. Also got a rectangular Royal Adderly fine bone china dish, cream with a silver rose, I use for cheese and bickies for afternoon tea.

    Have a good week, Jim!

  12. I'll believe it when I see it, bud! ;-)

  13. Your thrift shops are beginning to look more like SPEND shops to me. Just kidding! When they had The Good Earth restaurant by UCLA in the 1980s, they used to serve the most delicious French onion soup out of those brown dishes. This took me back in time and made me hungry too.--Inger

  14. So it's depressed ware rather than distresses ware ?
    The doggy could be a condement set ? mustard etc ? Or for small posies of flowers. Not really my thing but would have been a fun gift for my late Grandparents who had a sausage dog.

  15. My mother had Hull, I think I still have the teapot....I'm headed to Goodwill on Tues...Senior citizens get extra 20% discount...Yes, age has its privileges! :)

  16. Lots of interesting stuff there. I was wondering what you did with it all. Good to know that you have a PLAN!

  17. Great retro finds!! I love lusterware. I would much rather use glass than the ceramic stuff made in China nowadays. Love the puppy, too. Have no idea what it was originally used for, but I guess one could put anything in it. You need to rent a shop space and sell your stuff...but then again, that would mean letting go, LOL!



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