Saturday, November 27, 2010

Retro Saturday

The Sally Ann thrift store (aka The Salvation Army) in Dartmouth is turning into my favourite shop to find interesting things. 

The people there are very helpful and will go out of their way to help you find something and make sure your items are well -wrapped before leaving the store.

On Monday past I picked up these little gems.

First, a 'chintz' plate. It was obviously part of a tiered dessert set of trays.....thus the hole in the middle. There is something very warm and cozy about 'chintz' pieces that I have always liked. Plus it was only $1.99.

The marking on the back of this plate shows a date and where it was made.

I hesitated before I bought the next two items. 

However, one had the remains of a 'sticker' on it of which I am always a sucker. Also they were very light weight, unlike most 'mugs'. And they were made in Japan. When I saw the price they were mine.....49 cents each!!!

The next two casserole dishes, each with covers, caught my eye immediately because of the patterns which didn't look familiar at all. The first one is Pyrex and made in England. It was $3.99.

The next casserole was made by Federal Glass. I really liked the crisp floral design. It was $1.99.

I am having second thoughts about the covers for these casseroles. They fit okay but just don't look like the originals. Oh well, they will pass.

Hope you all have a great Saturday and find a few treasures of your own!

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  1. Good Morning!
    That plate w/hole would make a cute kitchen clock. No, the lids don't seem to really be a match, but will work, the federal would probably not be safe to use with the lid, steam would gather and run when you took the item out of the oven. I like the ones with no knob, they make such dandy pie pans.
    Have a great day! Those mugs make me think of hot cocoa, going to go have some!

  2. Learned something new again I have, I think, a chintz candy dish. I'll have to dig it out, and check. I need to have someone like you evaluate all of my "stuff" and tell me exactly what I do have.

  3. I agree -- those lids don't seem to match the casseroles.

  4. I like the one with what looks like apple blossoms. Plus it's shaped a little deeper than mine.

  5. I do love chintz ware and have a few pieces of my own but it is more expensive these day now it has become 'vintage'

  6. Hi, Tucker's Mom here. I just stumbled on your blog and just had to smile. I am an avid collector and seller of all things vintage and antique. I am in western Canada so have owned and sold lots of Blue Mountain Pottery, West German Pottery, Shawnee Pottery, Roseville Pottery, Fire King and basically any old things that remind me of my childhood years. A friend and I are planning to go thrifting together today, so this got me excited to go. Thanks for posting the pics. Tucker's Mom

  7. The first casserole, the pyrex, certainly has a 'replacement lid'. I have an original which has the white lid with the same floral design on the top of the lid. I know the 'brown glass' pyrex was also reasonably common around the same time but had a short production run 'cos it was not very popular.

    I'm not familiar with Federal Glass.

  8. Hah, I just picked up the hobby of visitng thrift stores and contribution fun, yes? I like the flowered plate :)


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