Friday, November 12, 2010

Off To the Market

Ron at main entrance

Got a call from Sophie's childhood 'dog sitters' Cathy and Mary. They were heading to the market this morning and wanted us to meet them there and then to lunch somewhere in Halifax.

                 Mary, Cathy and Ron

Cathy and Mary run Country Critter Sitters about 10 km down the shore from us. Sophie spent two days a week with them when she was a pup and we were still working full time. She loves them and learned so much from them and the other dogs.

Looking at George's Island from Market.

We are very glad Sophie had this time with the girls as she had failed every 'doggie' class/obedience course she ever attended! lol

I never knew we grew our OWN tea! lol

So we met at the new Halifax Seaport Farmers Market at 10:30 today.

Friday is International Day at the Market. There were vendors representing countries from all over the world.

We sampled where we could. And bought when we couldn't sample.

Cathy and Mary had a good time. They don't get too many days off from their doggy daycare duties. 

I met Cathy when we were attending St. Mary's University in Halifax back in the late 60's. We reconnected a few years ago and she and her sister, Mary, were living just 'down the road' from us.

By the time we had visited every single booth at the market, we were hungry and decided to go to lunch a Jane's On The Common which Ron and I like a lot.

            Which one do you like the best, Mary?

We had a great lunch and the desserts were to die for! 

We said goodbye to Cathy and Mary and arranged to meet in a couple of weeks at a print show at the Archives of Nova Scotia.

                             Bought a loaf of apricot and honey bread.....M-M-M good!

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