Friday, November 5, 2010

It Gets Better.......the Canadian Version

My niece, Jami, sent me this today and asked for my opinion.

She is a guidance counselor in high school and works with kids that are struggling with their sexuality.

I hadn't seen this video. It is made up of Canadian personalities from the political, entertainment, business and sports realms.

I have already referenced Dan Savage's video in a past post, so thought I would give it a Canadian perspective..........which of course is much the same. This is a universal tragedy that is happening with our kids.

But it does get better. I know. Click on the link below.


  1. Hughes is not letting me watch videos, might be the dreary weather. A bit ago, they gave me a time out and said they did. I must be a bad old lady. Odd they didn't give me a chair to sit in, facing the corner!

  2. Thank you for posting this link. It was a great video. Not enough women though.

    Where were Stephen & Chris and Lynn Crawford? I find sometimes the visibility factor is important to spread the word.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Vonlipi, Good point. I did find it to be too 'Toronto'-centric. But I guess that's where all the 'famous' gay people live or work.

  4. Yah! I hope lots and lots of kids see this.

  5. this and the Dan Savage video should be required viewing for all middle school or not. We must have compassion for others who struggle, no matter the issue. It is such a tragedy but it does seem that there is hope too..;j

  6. Great video! Bullying in schools is THE Big Gay Issue, now that marriage equality has been won (at least in Canada).

  7. I can't open the link - infact it made my computer freeze !
    Jess is 17 & at college & has one or two friends who think they might be Gay. When a boy says this the girls immediatly think, " Oh great a best (boy) friend to go shopping with !!!
    A lot of the boys end up spending time with groups of girls ( and indeed shopping )because they are more comfortable with this.

    I feel so sad bcause they must feel so confused at that age when hormones are raging & playing up whatever your sexuality.

    I don't think there is any councelling at Jess's college available but I may be very wrong - I'm going to ask Jess - as the college has vv good support otherwise. ( Bereavement, Sexul health clinics etc )
    What I do know is that the Peer groups are very understanding & I have not heard of any bullying - only acceptance from these lovely teenagers.

  8. What a fantastic clip. I'm so pleased about the It Gets Better Project. I hope it helps a lot of young people (and not-so-young people) be honest with themselves and feel better about themselves. Thanks for sharing the vid.

  9. I spoke to Jess about this. At the sexual Health clinic there are a lot of leaflets she says & she thinks there would be support / advice available if needed.
    She says there are one or two gay coupes at college who seem very comfortable & open about it. Although Jess is only 17 the college has older students who have come back to college so the age range is quite broad
    Sadly at Joe's school ( he's 14 ) there are a few boys who boast about being gay to get attention & hang around with the girls. I think they are ding this for a lark & are not really gay..... but I might be wrong !

  10. There has been help available for years. But it's not always withing reach of the people that need it most.
    I like the fact that they are running a half hour program of this on television. Getting into the homes of the kids that need it. Unless they come from a house like I did where all media was monitored and much of it banned, things like this will help. Fortunately many teens have computers and can get the help that many of us "older" folks could not get.
    I would love to see something like this in the states.


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