Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tell Me It's Spring!

The past couple of days here have been downright springlike.
Walking around the garden I could see 'the signs' alright!

But it is early January not late March.

Here is an 'old', what I believe to be, Hummingbird's nest.
It was hidden inside the Ornamental Crabapple Tree.

It was very tiny....say 3 inches by 4 inches.....and very well-made
with what looks to be woolen yarn and bits of twigs and leaves
from the garden.

We had not noticed this last summer but will look here  this summer 
for a new one.

I usually gauge the outdoor temperature by looking at the Rhododendron leaves.

If they are 'open' and fleshy it is above 0C.
If they are skinny and shriveled up it is below 0C.
On this day as you can see, they are very 'springlike'. 

After checking out the garden, I took Sophie to the beach.
Another springlike sign there........fog.

The air temperature was higher than the ground temperature
 thus producing a lot of fog.

Knowing this province's weather well, when we get this type of weather this time of year
we call it the January thaw.......knowing full-well that winter is not finished with us.

So Sophie and I had only one thing to do.......enjoy this while we can along the 
Atlantic View View Trail (which is part of the Trans Canada Trail System).

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