Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wired for Sound

See those 'container cranes' across the harbour in  Halifax? 

Just behind these is Point Pleasant Park.....our fav park for Sophie.
This is a view from Dartmouth yesterday morning as we were headed
to an appointment I had to get some 'wiring' done.

After the appointment we found ourselves at PPP
 and had a wonderful walk for about an hour.

Sophie was pretty 'wired' yesterday herself.
She needed to cool off at the end in this stream.

She was very playful and running all over the place
and wouldn't let either of us have Mr.Orangie!

Oh, and here are two of those cranes I mentioned above
this time from inside the park.

Sophie wasn't the only one that was wired yesterday!!
Me too! I am being 'monitored' for 48 hours
and have these 'sticky things' over my torso
with wires!

Nothing serious....my cardiologist wants to see how
things are going.

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