Thursday, January 2, 2014

Coping With A Cold-Snap

Most of Canada is in the grip of an Arctic cold-snap.

Yes, this IS Canada and it IS winter after all,
but this is early for even us.

So when I looked out a window yesterday 
and saw that the shed's widows were completely
frosted over,
I knew we would be in for a cold walk/hike today.

Inside was another story: warm, green plants seemed to be thriving near a window.

I couldn't help but dream for a second about being in a 'summer cottage'
like the one below.......enjoying a warmer season.

After putting it off for as long as I could
and after putting on multiple layers of clothing 
and taking along newly acquired 'hand-warmers,
we were off on our hike.

I would have a few photos of the hike but Picasa is not cooperating
at the moment and won't allow me to download my photos.

It is cold here lately but with the help of 'layers'
and those very effective hand-warmers'
we had a great walk/hike
and Sophie had a blast too!

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