Sunday, January 26, 2014

Eclectic Tastes

I remember the first time I heard this duet from 'The Pearl Fisher' opera.
It was one afternoon and I was driving home from school
and listening to CBC 2.
And as I was in the habit of doing after school
I had the radio blasting!
It helped me to leave the day behind.

The version I heard was not by these tenors 
but by two other 'long ago' tenors
Jussi Bioerling and Robert Merrill,
recorded in 1950.
Their version is considered the preeminent 
for this duet.

For this post I thought it better to be able to watch it
being performed and be more part of it.

Enjoy and have a wonderful Sunday
or Monday in New Zealand and Australia.

Oh yes....turn up those speakers!!

If you wish to hear the other, here is the link:


  1. To be there would be the greatest, and the next best is the video, super, many thanks, and yes, thanks for the NZ Monday happiness. Greetings to all p.s. just looked at your weather update!!! Going down, down, DOWN, expected to be -8 C, that feels like -17C overnight on Monday. Get those merino layers doubled up. Jean...

    1. Glad you liked this Jean!
      Thanks for update on is dropping rapidly as we speak!
      You would have been proud of us today as we began to 'layer-up' in our marino before we left the house!!

  2. My brother loved these two and saw them several times. I wish I had unlimited net, I would be able to listen to more of this! Have a great day. Thanks for the good start to mine!

    1. My pleasure, Sharon! I can hear you singing from here!! Nice voice!!

  3. Replies
    1. I like some opera jaz and would probably like all of it if I watched it live as compared to just listening to it. gald you enjoyed this.

  4. I need to send this over to my mom who is a major Placido fan.

    1. Then she will LOVE this Nancy! I haven't seen him in years since he was with the 3 tenors.

  5. Wonderful! I really enjoyed listening to this again. I had read that Placido Domingo's tenor voice has lowered, now that he is old, so that he is capable of singing baritone roles but this clip is the first time I've heard him doing so. Seems odd but he pulls it off!

    1. I hadn't realized this Debra about Domingo's voice. Thanks.
      Happy you liked these.

  6. Hi Jim! I'm not a big fan of opera although I can listen to orchestral symphonies all day long, even though my music of choice is "cool jazz" and of course the blues since I live in the state where the blues started (Mississippi). I'm listening to your video as I type this and it is so wonderful to hear those voices. Hope all is well with you and I really am going to try to get back to blogging. It's a major first step just signing in!

    1. Chris! Is this really you! Or am I being SPAMMED!! lol Happy you liked this of only a few I enjoy too.
      things are good here....maybe a tad COLD but hey it's winter!
      I'll be checking your post daily now! And no pressure.....yet!!
      Oh yes, been selling chairs lately....mostly mid-century.
      See you soon.

  7. Replies
    1. Isn't it, Mick! So full of emotions!

  8. I prefer the other version, but I need to confess something:
    While Merrill is a familiar name,
    that other guy, doesn't ring a bell for me at all.
    Odd!! I grew up with opera music playing at home every weekend,
    because of my father...
    My preference goes to female singers rather than males.
    I like to hear women sing, and men whisper to me...

    1. Same here Bruno. Merrill I had heard of but the 'other fella' no......up until then.
      Funny I grew up with it in a very limited way.....whenever I occasionally at my grandfather's o[pera would be blasting at full tilt! It left an impression.......what?
      Guess you really know your preferences! lol


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