Sunday, January 26, 2014

Eclectic Tastes

I remember the first time I heard this duet from 'The Pearl Fisher' opera.
It was one afternoon and I was driving home from school
and listening to CBC 2.
And as I was in the habit of doing after school
I had the radio blasting!
It helped me to leave the day behind.

The version I heard was not by these tenors 
but by two other 'long ago' tenors
Jussi Bioerling and Robert Merrill,
recorded in 1950.
Their version is considered the preeminent 
for this duet.

For this post I thought it better to be able to watch it
being performed and be more part of it.

Enjoy and have a wonderful Sunday
or Monday in New Zealand and Australia.

Oh yes....turn up those speakers!!

If you wish to hear the other, here is the link:

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