Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Back At It

Tree on the side of Citadel Hill in Halifax.

I am back and finally 'set up', computer-wise, to get back to blogging.

My 'old' computer was getting tired me thinks....it just refused to
allow me to download any photos....even after putting
all photos on an external hard-drive.

Argyl Street....great little street in Halifax.

And what is blogging without photos!

The main highlight around here has been the weather......
up and down like a yo-yo.

Sun-lit bench in the park.

Last week was so cold here as it was in most of North America.
Yesterday it was +12C!
Today the  temperature has dropped from there to -5C .

Ron 'filming' Sophie at the park.

As you can see, I have interspersed photos throughout this post
from the past week.....not all relating to what is being said. 

I will get you up-to-date with the news from this part of our world.

The old Town Clock on Citadel Hill in Halifax.

Some sad news for my sister-in-law, Janet, as she and her family
are mourning the loss of her nephew Andrew.
He was a Lieutenant in the Canadian navy and serving 
near the Seychelles. He was found dead last week.
Andrew was returned home this afternoon to Halifax.
I never met him but have heard he had a wonderful sense of humour.

Winter Tibetan prayer flags.

To something more uplifting now........
Sophie got her first pair of boots!! 

Sophie 'on guard' and ready to catch Mr.Orangie (her ball).

Yes, boots!
It was so cold last week that the snow was freezing on her paws
 and she couldn't get very far.
The boots work like a charm and she just lifted each foot at a time
and no objections.

Sophie's new boots!

My new computer has a 'touch/swipe screen' which I am learning to appreciate.....
slowly! It will take a while to become efficient at this.

A 'bar' in the city.

My father is recovering from two 'spells' he had
in the past two weeks..... in which his blood pressure
falls very rapidly and he faints.
Luckily there was nurse very near both times....
so no bones broken.

Taken from atop Citadel Hill looking down towards the harbour.

Today on our hike/walk we got caught in a snow squall
on our way up the big hill at the end of the beach.
Half way up it began to blow..... and snow. It was
difficult to see through it.
Even Sophie wanted to head back to car which was quite 
a distance away. Half way back the snow stopped abruptly
but the wind picked up and the temperature began to fall.

Row of chimneys in the fortress on Citadel Hill.

So far, this winter has reminded me of the winters we had
when I was a kid. For the past ten years or so winters
in this area, at any rate, have been mild with little snow
and only very cold temperatures in mid-February.

The city 'Farmers Market sign.

This post is LONG! Can you tell I haven't posted in a while? lol

Not at all 'ideal' biking weather.

Happy New Year to everyone and I hope this year is full
of peace and goodwill for you all.

Very large bronze statue of sir Winston Churchill at the city library.

It is good to be back! Isn't that right, Sir Winston!

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