Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

We got through this very COLD week and kept busy:

Good morning sunshine......the earth says hello!

Ever have a craving for Thai food?! We did last week.....

Let me see....

Green tea elephant......

Fresh Thai spring rolls....

Ginger chicken.....

Had ginger beef and rice as well.......yes it was good!

A walk in downtown Halifax last Saturday:

Cathedral steeple reflection.

A very colourful yarn shop window.

Every window in the deserted building had a 'star' in it.

 The building on the right had a thriving night club (gay) on its top floor
 in the mid to late 70's.

Self explanatory.

Look at the brickwork on this building.

This fellow was the best known and best respected  politician 
in Nova Scotia. He was a journalist as well 
and later became Premier of the province.
Oh yes, he wasn't 200 years old when he died!!

This strange fella kept stopping and taking pictures of me!!

Halifax City Hall in foreground.

 Glass and brass.

Church door.

Legend has it that this profile impression (upper right window) is that of a deacon
who was standing near the window during the 'Halifax Explosion'.

Most surfers could care less.

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