Sunday, January 12, 2014

Eclectic Tastes

Earlier this month, like on the 3rd. of January, to be more precise,
somebody in this house celebrated his birthday.

Here is a variation of a very popular Beatles tune.

Enjoy and have a wonderful Sunday.


  1. I adore this! I hope SOMEONE had a happy birthday, I assume it was #64!
    Paul McCartney wrote this song when he was very young. I bet he doesn't think that 64 is so very old now!
    Hope y'all both have a great year ahead.
    Love, Kay

    1. Hi Kay! Good to see you and Happy New Year to you!
      Yes, Paul McCartney is still going strong!

  2. You had to do it, Jim! Bring up this song AGAIN in this very new year! I'm sure Ron is saying, "Enough already!" I'm only a couple of months behind him in time, and I can't believe I've almost caught up with the lyrics! At least I'm not losing my hair! I don't think Ron is either! He looks pretty fine, aging like primo wine ~ I've been catching up on Pat Hatt!

    Loved the harmony on this acapella version. I had to look up how to spell that. At least it isn't MicMac ~ I can't spell that properly nor MH either! So I'm just going to be non PC!

    Anyway, I checked out your "Out with the Old In with the New" knitting post above. Terry's mom made a beautiful Irish knit afghan something like yours. I can't see where Marie joined any panels. I'm trying to knit a small blanket having knit 9 1/2 scarves thanks to Vicki 2bagsfull. Sshhh! I'm still working on Terry's Christmas scarf (#10) ~ ran out of time! Do you have to use extra long needles to knit a blanket? The stitches are really crowded on my knitting needles. I'm having to hold the stitches on with clothespins so they don't pop off. Just wondering? Since I don't know many knitters. I'm just doing garter stitch since I have a lot to learn! Still have to count! Count!! COUNT though! Have a great day!
    PS ~ Is Ivan okay? Do you know?

    1. Hi 'almost 64 Louise!!! Good to see you! You are correct....Ron is/has not lost his hair like his husband has!! lol I think he, Ron, has 'anti-aging' genes.

      Knitting a is a lot easier to use circular needles. These are needles that have tapered tips on both ends and in between these tips is a varied length of plastic cord which can and does accommodate a lot of stitches.' Google image' this and you will get the picture. Then you can throw out those clothes pins!!

      Ivan contacted us before Christmas (email) just before he left for Quebec with Mark to visit the in-laws for a couple weeks. So I assume he is just getting back to blogging or will be soon.

      Have a great Sunday!

  3. Well, I think I have an idea of who recently celebrated a birthday, and I certainly can't believe he's 64. He looks much younger. Yup, he's probably got some anti-aging gene, or a 'very-slow-aging-gene'. In any case, he looks mighty you well know!

  4. That is so good I love it. Oh belated happy birthday "someone" xxx


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