Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

A very cold week here in the Maritimes.

Starting with a bang! Cannon at Point Pleasant Park.

Big wind storm last week 'downed' a few trees.....

Container pier cranes.

Cross at the Navy Memorial looking out to sea.

Freighter coming into Halifax Harbour.

Navy memorial.

Part of a wharf in  Musquodoboit Harbour  yesterday.
(click to learn how to pronounce this word)

Wet day on Halifax street.

Off-season fishing boats at, here we go again, Musquodoboit Harbour.

Sons? Brothers?

Waiting for the light to change.

TSK TSK! Didn't take this photo on got in front of shot.
Driving while holding cell phones/smart phones is illegal in Nova Scotia.

I smiled when I saw this in front of me the other day.
Reminded me of the Beatles' 'Abbey Road'.

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