Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

A week through my camera lens......

Yes, Ron was driving.

Heading to the city along our road.

Price of gas stayed the same this week.....per litre.

A stop at the bank.....

January thaw in full swing!

The fog was around all day yesterday.....heading to the bridge.

Hm-m-m....could handle this.

Sunset from home.

Thick as pea soup!

Under the bridge.

The Old Town Halifax.

A lone tree in the fog on Citadel Hill.

These boots are made for walkin'.

Entrance to the park in Halifax.

Sophie doing what she does best.....waiting for us.

A weird and crazy guy!

It was low tide yesterday at the park so we walked the shore for a ways.

Better move the car out of here.......see you later!

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