Friday, January 3, 2014

Oh Birthday Boy !!!!!

Today is Ron's birthday.
He will be another year!

Being born this time of year has some advantages and disadvantages, 
Ron has always said.

One can look at it as a continuous 'party'
throughout Christmas and New Year's
or, one can be totally forgotten
in the midst of the hustle and bustle of 'holiday season'.

Since Ron has always maintained the status
of 'introvert', he is more than happy to 
hide his birth day in and amongst
all this hullabaloo.

Until he met me, that is!!

Ron, Alyce and Paulette.

Yesterday we started the celebration
at Estia, a restaurant in Halifax 
we have gotten to appreciate.

With us were friends I have known since
the late 60's.

Paulette and I kinda/sort of dated for a while
till we realized we were more 'just friends' 
than anything else.

Alyce, Paulette's mother, is a Nova Scotian
who moved away to Boston to be with
the man she loved and had a family there
which included Paulette.

Paulette has been living in Ontario, Canada
for the past 40 years and a couple of years ago
we unexpectedly met in a restaurant here in Halifax 
and reconnected.

So back to yesterday's restaurant.....

Since Paulette was leaving today to go back to Toronto,
I thought our get-together at Estia
could be a pre-birthday celebration for Ron.

We had lots of laughs, stories from the past
and more importantly Ron got to know
Paulette and Alyce a little better.

The food was great.
The dessert was brought in with 'sparklers'
to get Ron's birthday off to a good start.

Today a blizzard is hitting us
and we are spending a quite day home on Ron's 
official birth day.

Here is a song that 'rings true' 
around here today.

Happy Birthday Ron!


  1. happy birthday ron! a storm on your birthday? it's like a gift!

  2. Nothing like a little blizzard on your birthday to remind you to snuggle.
    I know Sophie will want to play in the snow though.

  3. Well, thank goodness for you, Jim, so we can wish him a happy birthday! I love that card asking how old you are in dog years. Sounds good to me! Looks like you all had a great time! Wishing Ron a great year! He doesn't look a day over 35 ;)

  4. Birthday Greetings Ron, lovely song, and now we can all send wishes, cards, flowers, maybe via email!!! Hope you had a wonderful day in that blizzard that was laid on specially for you.. Cheers from Jean.

  5. Another "Happy Birthday" to Ron and a wonderful post! Must be pretty special to have a blizzard for your birthday. Enjoy it and stay warm!

  6. Awwww how cool! And cold! It looked to be a very special celebration... and you are 64??? No way!! Happy Birthday Ron! Love and blessings coming your way from Western Maryland :-)

  7. I always loved birthdays-in my youth always good memories.
    Happy Birthday Ron-and I agree-a blizzard on your birthday-would be perfect-no reason to venture outdoors-

  8. Happy Birthday to Ron - looks like quite a celebration!

  9. Happy birthday Ron, wishing you many more. X

  10. I woke up this morning thinking that it was Ron's birthday and that you would be in for a blizzard. The weather maps stop at the US border (here), but the weather sure doesn't. I hope that you three are safe and warm! It's looks like you had a fun celebration with Paulette and Alyce! Take care!

  11. We can't allow Ron's birthday to be ignored! I love that song, but you aren't suggesting that Ron is 64, are you? I figured about 24 for Ron.


    1. LOL! Janie, if that was the case then he wasn't born when we met!!

  12. Happy Birthday, Ron! So the Fountain of Youth is located somewhere in Halifax, is it? I bet it's in the Public Gardens!

  13. Ron - an introvert? I'd have never guessed. He has such a contagious smile. I'm glad he got the gift of snow on his birthday and the sparklers with friendship the night before! Happy Birthday, Ron!

  14. 64 and an introvert, I am finding all of this rather hard to believe! Happy Birthday Ron, enjoy.

  15. Happy Birthday to Ron!!

    Bart, Ruby, Otto and Lisa

  16. Loving all the pictures of the birthday boy-- fun to see you guys "way back when!"

    Spending a quiet day at home sounds like a perfect celebration to me-- so nice that you had a dinner with friends earlier:)

    You guys stay safe and warm--

  17. I was a real Beatles fan. Never thought I'd be singing those lyrics when I actually did turn 64 (well, uh, 64 + 2). Looks like a great way to celebrate Ron's birthday!

  18. Looks wonderful, Happy Birthday Ron!

  19. He looks super great : ).
    Kaish's birthday is on January 9.
    I try to make a big deal out of it even though we just had Christmas.
    I am so glad they are both in the world.
    Love the song.


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