Saturday, March 1, 2014

An Update

Hi everyone.

Ron returned home yesterday afternoon after two tests,
echo-cardiogram and low impact stress test,
to determine if there was heart damage.
There wasn't.

This makes his recovery a lot easier. 

The last three days have been a blur......
but a focused blur.
He was in good hands at both hospitals and we have nothing
but good things to say about our health-care system.....
it was quick to determine what was going on and even quicker to resolve it.

If there is any comfort in this at all
it would have to be that we went through a similar experience 4 years ago
with my 'heart event'.
We learned a 'new language' then and with the help
of an excellent rehabilitation program
we knew what we had to do.
Makes it a lot easier this time round.

Ron's experience with the angioplasty procedure 
was more difficult than mine and took three times longer
almost two hours.

He is tired and taking it slowly for a few days.
He was drug-free up to three days ago.
Now he has five prescription drugs to get used to.

My cardiologist just happened to be in the ICU yesterday
and she saw me there in Ron's room.
She immediately came over and told us that she would 
also be Ron's if that was OK with us.
Again, this makes it all the more easier for us
and she is a wonderful human being.

So, here we go into something new for Ron.
He will mange this well as he is lot stronger than his mate!! lol
He really is, thanks to his mother and grandmother....great role models they were.

Thanks so much for your support blogger friends!
 It really is true about what they say about the power that can come
from this collected group.
Your prayers and positive energy/thoughts has helped us get
through this.


  1. Angioplasties work wonders, don't they! Welcome to the world of the dosette to organize those 5 prescriptions, Ron! You're both so fit from all the hiking and exercise you do that nothing is going to take you boys out early. Glad Ron is home and you're both in good spirits.

  2. Good morning, so glad to read Ron is home now-recovery is always better at home too-hugs to all of you (Sophie included-I am sure she is happy to see Ron home too)

  3. Home is the best, and Ron, so good to know you are there with Jim and Sophie. Take one small step at a time, and each day you will walk a little easier. Wonderful to see your own cardiologist back again, a familiar face can make so much difference. Hugs to you both, big pat for Sophie. from Jean.

  4. I'm so glad to hear that Ron is home. Recently you posted about Sophie's help in getting you up and walking, hiking, and becoming fit. Now this will help Ron too, I'm sure. He must have a good and strong foundation to build up his heart on. I will keep thinking of you both. And Sophie, I bet she was glad to see her daddy home.

  5. I was thinking of you both as I was in the forest skiing this morning - I sent many healing thoughts your way. So glad Ron could come home. I was amazed after my own event how quickly they turned me loose! However, I was weak for quite a long time. After 4 years, I am also off all the meds I had to take originally, so tell Ron to hang in there - it does get better. Hugs to both and a pat for Sophie.

  6. I'm so happy to hear that Ron is back home. Especially thrilled that there is no damage to his heart. Must be all that exercise and fresh air Sophie drags you boys into that keeps those hearts strong. Medication is never fun, but necessary at times. Yes, this blogging world is amazing. We are connected from different areas of the world, and always there to support one another. What an amazing thing this is. A full and speedy recovery to my east coast friend! Hugs to all three of you! And a little scratching behind the ears for Miss Sophie. She must have been a little confused these days.

  7. I am so relieved to hear this news. I was just a wreck wondering and came to blogger several times a day...looked for you on fb but couldn't find you. Such a blessing to know there is no heart damage. I was not so lucky but the rehabilitation program I was in was wonderful and eventually I got back to 'me.' Ron is strong because of his mum but more so because he has you by his side, with the experience and knowledge he will need for this new journey. God bless you both, know I am thinking of you and sending love and light your way. Love and hugs to that cuite/dear Sophie. She will be the 'best' medicine of all!!!

  8. I am so glad to hear he is home now, the most comfortable place he can be. I wish him all the best with his recovery, having you by his side will make it that bit easier. You must stay strong too, and I'm sure Sophie will be able to give you both lots of feel good cuddles. Please keep us updated with everything, we are all here to offer as much support as we can.
    Take care both of you, Hayley-Eszti

  9. Yes!!!!! No heart damage!!!!! Same cardiologist ~ synergy!!!!! I am so happy and relieved!!!!! Told you Ron would be just fine!!!!! Take good care of each other!!!!!
    Hey, Sophie, if you're listening, lots of love and snuggles to the dads, okay Gurlfriend!!!!!

  10. Glad Ron in on the road to getting well! Sounds like ya'll have this well in hand :O).

  11. Thank you for taking the time to update us. I have been thinking of you and Ron, hoping for the very best. I'm so grateful that he didn't sustain damage, and is now home. I am thinking of both of you.

  12. Good news! Here's to a speedy and comfortable recovery for Ron.

  13. Good news,
    Rest and heal
    Both of you

  14. That's good to hear. Both of you take care.

  15. Just checking in on you two ~ Hope all is going well!

  16. some good news! take care of yourselves and each other!

  17. Wow. I haven't been blogging for a while. Glad to hear a positive update after the initial shock of this. Take care of each other.

  18. Oh my word. I am just reading of this. I am so sorry. Sending all my love. What can I do to help? Please send me your address. Love, Becky

  19. Good to read this report. Thoughts and prayers are with both of you.

  20. Thanks for the news. I have been quite concerned. I even told Willy Dunne Wooters about it.


  21. I am glad you have each other to navigate these waters.

  22. So glad that you have found a dr that you both know and trust. Also so glad to see that there was no serious damage from this event!


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