Thursday, March 20, 2014

Yin and Yang

A beautiful day at the beach yesterday afternoon....
temperature a bearable +2C
with a brisk breeze 
and the sun bouncing on the ocean.

A lone seagull floated by.....riding a zephyr 
and  reflecting the sun's rays......
very tranquil.

A few minutes later another 'sky creature'........
this one much more demanding and noticeable,
known as a Sea-King Helicopter.

It had been doing 'training exercises' down the shore a bit 
and was heading home to Canadian Forces Air Base Shearwater
which is located in Dartmouth (the city across the harbour from Halifax). 

Upon closer inspection one can see
three airmen airing out their laundry!!?

'Yin and yang' is a concept in Chinese philosophy which describes
opposite forces that are interconnected in our natural world.

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