Sunday, March 16, 2014

Eclectic Tastes

1973 really doesn't seem that long ago.......most of the time.

Here's to a wonderful Sunday for everyone.


  1. It feels like lifetimes ago, for me. I remember this song clearly though!

  2. Well that’s pure nostalgia. I have the album which I listened to constantly back then – now I listen to CDs and my albums are in a closet, unfortunately. I also liked his “Operator” song. I was so grieved when he passed away in that plane accident. Have you listened to his son? Adrian James Croce – he has some good songs too.

  3. If only...
    Thanks for sharing this, Jim.

  4. I of course wasn't alive in the 70s (although I wish I was SO much!) This song is a beautiful one, Jim Croce is great, a bit like another Jim I know! :)

  5. Hi Jim! I love this song ~ I'm sure that I have played it hundreds of times over the decades! It's a good break from Passenger too ~ I've swear I've almost worn out Mike Rosenberg's CD All the Little Lights in the 10 days or so since I got it!
    I've been catching up on your recent posts. I'm behind everywhere! LOL! But I've got my suitcase packed for Honolulu ~ Tuesday morning!!!!!
    I enjoyed your photos of Ron, Nurse Sophie, Mim, and Mim's dog. Pops is looking good! And your Mackerel Sky post is speaking my language!
    Loved the link and the quotation in the link ~ I'd never heard this one before:
    "Mare's tails and mackerel scales / Make tall ships carry low sails."
    I am hoping to sail on the Bluenose II this summer with my sister Barb.
    I'm going to be posting a picture or two at the very least from the lobby of our hotel!
    I know how hard it is to be helping someone recover from a heart attack and from other serious medical issues. I think of you guys every day, lots of times. I hope that you are taking good care of you ~ you know, put the oxygen mask on yourself first, and then help another person!
    I also know how unsettled Ron must feel to have his world turned upside down. But as Breck Barb said, you stop feeling every twinge after a while. He'll get to where he wants to be!
    Take care ~ and have a great week! ALOHA!!!!!


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