Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

Gulls to graffiti this week....... 

The wind is coming from the northwest today....

Too much plastic debris being washed up on the beach.

Three's a crowd!

Red Squirrel down on the Trans Canada Trail, near the beach.

Lawrencetown Lake across from the beach.

Sunset Boardwalk.

Feeling blue.....

Ron on the hunt for 'street art'/graffiti.

 Pulling away/back to see this better.

First graffiti intermission.......a view of Downtown Halifax from Dartmouth waterfront.

Back to the search!

Great tune, don't you think?

Everywhere we turned there was more.

And more...

We weren't alone I see!

Hope they find it!

Before Ron does!

Back to reality.....moss-covered tree roots at the park.

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