Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

Gulls to graffiti this week....... 

The wind is coming from the northwest today....

Too much plastic debris being washed up on the beach.

Three's a crowd!

Red Squirrel down on the Trans Canada Trail, near the beach.

Lawrencetown Lake across from the beach.

Sunset Boardwalk.

Feeling blue.....

Ron on the hunt for 'street art'/graffiti.

 Pulling away/back to see this better.

First graffiti intermission.......a view of Downtown Halifax from Dartmouth waterfront.

Back to the search!

Great tune, don't you think?

Everywhere we turned there was more.

And more...

We weren't alone I see!

Hope they find it!

Before Ron does!

Back to reality.....moss-covered tree roots at the park.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi John. Ron is doing pretty well. He challenges himself daily and tries to do a little more than the day before. When he feels a little shaky he pulls back and rests. He is taking each day as it comes....getting used to medications is new to him. He has his mom's and grandmother's strong focus and this will pull him through the next couple of months. Then clear sailing!

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't it! We couldn't believe all that there was.

  3. Enjoyed your post. I photographed some of the same graffiti along the Dartmouth Waterfront on Tuesday so it was fun seeing your shots!

    1. Hey thanks IAC!
      A local gal I see! Wasn't that location something else! In a few years I think that area in Dartmouth will be thriving.
      Good to meet you and welcome.

  4. wast coast beach clean is April 21. Is there an organized beach clean on Earth Day weekend in your area?

    1. We do have one here but I am not sure about the date. I will check it out. Would be very worthwhile thing to do.

  5. You guys have the most fun on your outings!! Love the street art photos-- and LOVE the boardwalk!


  6. What a great week of photography you had! These are great.

  7. I love how Ron blends right in with the graffiti. Hope his recovery is going well and that you are taking care of yourself too.

  8. What a spectacular set of photos, Jim! I loved, loved, loved Feeling Blue and the three gulls! Take care!

  9. Fabulous shots, Jim! That is some amazing graffiti. I love the 'Sunset Boardwalk' and the view of downtown Halifax from Dartmouth waterfront. Gorgeous photos!

  10. Graffiti artists are talented, but I feel there should be more designated places for them to show their talent off, and less graffiti covering old buildings which means hours of hard work cleaning. Where I live there is an underground skate park and the graffiti there is amazing! I hope Ron has been making good progress and improving more each day :)


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