Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

Quite the week....

Yesterday at the Park. Ron's first extended, but short, walk in 10 days.

Soph and I down at the beach this week.

Walking through the dunes.

Looking out across the Atlantic Ocean.

The day before.....

The day after Sophie's haircut.

Cargo freighter waiting for entry into Halifax Harbour....taken from the beach.

We found this place on Thursday driving down the shore a ways.
Bonita's is three-n-one......Sears parcel outlet, laundromat,
and a small restaurant. Their clubs are great! (Even without the bacon!!)

'The Castle' on Young Avenue in Halifax.

I really think this was the last snow we will get this winter in our garden.

Look what I see!

Sidney (Crosby) is a 'local' guy who was the captain
 of Canada's hockey team at the Sochi Olympics.

Colourful surfboards in the 'lifeguard' building down at the beach.

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