Thursday, March 6, 2014

Like A Fish Out Of Water

When I was a child, and I must confess as an adult as well,

I did not like to watch a fish when it was caught and brought ashore.

I had to look away to not watch it suffer. 

If I may use a reverse anthropomorphic analogy here, 
 this is exactly how I initially felt this past week.

I really was 'a fish out of water'.

Ron being in the hospital and requiring close supervision and care was all new to us.

One can imagine how he felt......
being prodded with needles, hourly blood pressure readings,

first-time meds, not knowing what caused this heart attack, and what the future holds.

Ron had all the experience in all this stuff, not me!
He was the one that nursed me back to health after my concussion....
for a year. And then again after my heart attack a year later.

So what would I do?
I looked back to when he looked after his mother when she was not well,
and also when he looked after me.

This was invaluable experience for me to have witnessed.
And I have been using all of this.

The first couple of days I felt like that fish above.

This is a glazed ceramic Codfish that we got in St.John's, Newfoundland.

Now I am doing just fine.... as if I was 'thrown back into the water'
(as a few lucky fish are)
and swimming through this health event.
But more importantly, taking good care of Ron.


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