Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

The 'tale of two cities' this week:

We checked out these condos in Dartmouth this week.

Still in Dartmouth, at Birch Cove Park on Lake Banook.

A giant jump across the harbour to Halifax yesterday morning at Point Pleasant Park.

Don't get seasick but this is a shot of  downtown Halifax from Dartmouth waterfront.

A container cargo ship docked at Halifax pier.

This is Rusty, an adorable Australian Labradoodle Sophie found at the park yesterday.

A man and his dog at the beach this week.

Street-art at the Dartmouth waterfront.

Staring out to sea....

Church/street art mix.

Boats at Dartmouth waterfront.

Coffee shop in condo complex.

Sophie thinks Ron is on the computer too much.

She tries again......

Kitchen mobile....

Sunset light hits 'lath house' in garden the day before the storm.

During the storm on Wednesday.

Hope you all survived the 'harbour-hopping' on this post.

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