Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bacon Milk Eggs

On Sunday we headed to the Dartmouth Waterfront in search of 
'Street Art' which we heard was there.....somewhere.

Well, we found it, tucked away in an area
 which was mostly, it appeared, under development.

We were amazed at the number of  'Street Art'/murals that were there.

This one caught my eye.
 I liked the colour selection and the humourous feel it had.

We spent an hour going from one building wall to the next.
So many different themes and approaches were used by the artists.

I will post more in the coming days.

Is there any 'Street Art' in your town or city?
And do you consider it graffiti?

I am thinking this area in Dartmouth was encouraged to maybe 'clean-up' the area.

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