Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Totally Unexpected

Hi everyone.
 It is ten PM Wednesday night and I just got home from spending the last
12 hours in the hospital.

It wasn't me this time. It was Ron.

He had a heart attack.

I still can't believe he did but just writing it makes it real.

Ron hadn't been feeling good for two days and we thought it was two 'other things'
 he had been dealing with lately.......asthma and indigestion.

They figured he had the attack Tuesday morning.
You can't believe how surprised we were but also relived in a sense 
that we both knew this morning (Wednesday) that this was different.

Off we went to emergency.

They were great and withing 30 minutes they determined what happened.

Tomorrow morning (Thursday) he is transported to a Halifax hospital
for the 'dye test' to determine where and how extensive the blockage is.

He is comfortable and in no pain thanks to drugs.
He even had something to eat for supper.

We will know more tomorrow.
I will let you all know any developments that arise.

Needless to say we will not be 'blogging' for a while
until we know what the future holds.

I know you will be sending good energy his way and he and I appreciate that.

Thanks for bearing with me but I wanted to get this out.....
I am doing fine and look forward to some sleep tonight.


  1. Dearest friends, I know how worrying this is for your both, sleep well tonight, Jim, and Ron, to have a diagnosis so quickly, and to have the Halifax Hospital right there, a bonus when this happens. Take care, both of you, Sophie Doodle, give Jim lots of TLC, and I'm sending all caring wishes for surgeons, specialists and nurses to do their very best for Ron. Fondest hugs, Jean.

  2. Oh no! Good thing you went to the Emerg and got things checked out! Sending best wishes for Ron's speedy and full recovery.

  3. Sending light your way .... Hold tight.....

  4. Thinking of you... I'm so glad that you went to the emergency room, and that Ron is resting easy. My thoughts will be with you.

  5. you both knew something was off, Thank God you listened to that feeling. Ron is safe and resting as best he can, he is in good hands. You try to stay strong and get some rest too. You have been through this so you will be an immense comfort to him. My prayers, thoughts and wishes are with you both tonight, tomorrow and always. Love to you both.

  6. Jimbo..... Sending good vibes from here in Wales....... Chin up....... Ron is mega healthy.......they have caught it early.......keep us posted

  7. oh wow...i am so sorry to hear this but at least you guys caught it and he will be fixed up now! good luck and keep us posted! give ron a hug from me!

  8. Thinking of you three. Candle is lit. *hugs*

  9. I'm so sorry about this, Jim. Positive thoughts and good energy being sent your way for Ron's speedy recovery. {{{ Hugs to all of you }}}

  10. Sending you both good thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery for Ron. I am sure they will take great care of him.

  11. It's good to hear Ron is resting comfortably. Keeping Ron in my thoughts and praying for the best outcome. Hugs of support for all three of you.

  12. OMG, Jim!
    Poor Ron and you! So much to go through!
    I'm glad that he is in good hands and getting proper care!
    Ron will be fine!
    I am sending every positive thought and prayer your way!
    Plus lots of energy which I have in abundance!

    I had just checked Ron's blog and almost commented, "R U OK?"
    I KNEW something was wrong!
    Then I find your post, and it gave me shivers!
    Things will be fine ~ After all Ron has you and Sophie in his court!

    Please take care of you, Mr. Caretaker!
    That is not an easy role, and you can't be there for Ron, if you don't take care of you!!!!!
    *BIG HUGS* to all three of you!

  13. You and Ron are In my thoughts and prayers!

  14. Oh my god! Ron, get better!! Jim, we're here for you!

  15. oh wow, I am catching up my blog reading, and just saw this-I went though this with Larry back in 1999-scarey stuff til you get all the information-hugs to you both and Sophie too-I am sure she is worried too

  16. Jim, I can't believe it and I am so sorry to hear about Ron. But good he is being well taken care of. I will keep him, and you and Sophie too, in my thoughts and prayers.

  17. I am praying and will continue to do so. I will send healing thoughts and visions to Nova Scotia. Please kiss Sophie and Ron for me.


  18. Oh gosh - I'm so sorry to hear this! I'm glad to hear he is being taken care of. Love to you both!

  19. So shocked and saddened by this news but glad you both knew to go to ER. I will keep Ron in my thoughts, hoping the damage and blockage are minor. Hugs to you, Jim.

  20. HI JIM. . .I wrote a note last night but I must have hit the wrong button. . . .It as shocking to read about Ron and the heart attack. Glad things are going better. As I was reading -- here goes the therapist at I realized I was crying. . .tears running down my cheeks. . . and the analytic mind set in gear. I realized I was identifying with you, and thinking how I would feel..what I would do. . .I was thinking of Peter. . ..and...what if. . ?
    I have been praying for you and Ron. . . .what I say now is paraphraed from a 12th cent christian mystic. . . "When Jesus was dying a soldier opened his hear with a spear. . so now we can always take refuge in the open heart of Christ. . ." So in my prayer I placed Ron and you safe in the heart of Jesus, source of healing and life. . there, sure and secure "all will be well...all wil be well, all manner of things will be well." [julina of norwich] Last summer after the long surgery, recovering from the tumor ans facial paralysis. . .I spent time there and learned to rest in trust. . . . .
    Peace and joy in trust.
    justin . .

  21. Take it a day at a time. Follow what the doctors say. And make sure you get some downtime for yourself too. (From a six-year survivor.)

  22. Know that it will be so helpful that you live such active and healthy lives. How scary this sort of event can be, but know that it is a great thing for you to strengthen each other in this time.


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