Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Totally Unexpected

Hi everyone.
 It is ten PM Wednesday night and I just got home from spending the last
12 hours in the hospital.

It wasn't me this time. It was Ron.

He had a heart attack.

I still can't believe he did but just writing it makes it real.

Ron hadn't been feeling good for two days and we thought it was two 'other things'
 he had been dealing with lately.......asthma and indigestion.

They figured he had the attack Tuesday morning.
You can't believe how surprised we were but also relived in a sense 
that we both knew this morning (Wednesday) that this was different.

Off we went to emergency.

They were great and withing 30 minutes they determined what happened.

Tomorrow morning (Thursday) he is transported to a Halifax hospital
for the 'dye test' to determine where and how extensive the blockage is.

He is comfortable and in no pain thanks to drugs.
He even had something to eat for supper.

We will know more tomorrow.
I will let you all know any developments that arise.

Needless to say we will not be 'blogging' for a while
until we know what the future holds.

I know you will be sending good energy his way and he and I appreciate that.

Thanks for bearing with me but I wanted to get this out.....
I am doing fine and look forward to some sleep tonight.

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