Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

Out and about this week.....

Walking to breakfast yesterday morning in Halifax.....

Roof of bandstand/pergola in Point Pleasant Park, Halifax.

Trail leading to Halifax Harbour in the park.

Spring-like morning in Halifax yesterday.

'Down on the boardwalk'.....

Very windy.....and cold this day.

And who did we bump into after breakfast in Halifax yesterday? 
My sister Mary and her daughter (our niece), Brynn.

British warship visiting Halifax this seen from Lawrencetown Beach.

Seagull and war memorial cross at the park.

Parking lot at the park. That container pier was a yacht squadron when I was a kid.

Came across this sunken boat in Ketch Harbour yesterday.

 Very calm setting in Sambro, Nova Scotia yesterday.

This Snowy Owl caused quite a lot of excitement at the beach this week.

All these birders arrived at the same time wanting to photograph it....and they did.
It stayed around for about 30 minutes.

One of two horses at Sophie's day care yesterday.

And this is Isaac the Newfoundland dog who is staying at 
Country Critter Sitters. He was Sophie's playmate
for the day yesterday.


  1. I like the effects you used on the war memorial photo.

  2. What a great collection of photos. Your sister and niece are immediately lovable and how could one not fall in love with Isaac? I hope that accordion player was good. We have some really awful ones outside our window... every day. My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean seems to be a very popular ditty on the Costa del Sol (and it's never played very well).

  3. Oh, that sweet Newfie!
    These are beautiful photos, Jim I like the processing you did on the sunken boat, Very cool!
    Hello, windblown Sophie!

  4. So many good ones! I really love the gull and Sophie getting a face lift from the wind. Also, the trail leading to the harbor and the boardwalk. I better stop, or I'll mention them all!

  5. Wonderful photos, Jim! It certainly looks like it's been a good week. I LOVE that Snowy Owl. I would be excited, too, if I'd seen it, and snapping photos like crazy! And cute! Look at that face :)

  6. Does your sister and niece always strike such a graceful pose when they see you? Very graceful!
    I also love the war memorial photo.
    And that last photo of the newfoundland, it reminds me of one of my favorite books from my childhood, "Karen" by Marie Killilea. I think Karen's sister even wrote a children's book about a Newfoundland.

  7. These are great shots Jim. I was excited to see that snowy owl. It is so beautiful, and amazing to just see out and about like that. Also love Sophies ears standing up in the wind, and the shot of the trail down to the harbor... looks as if you slipped you might end up in the harbor. Hope you are having an awesome weekend! 70 degrees here! sorry.....


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