Thursday, February 20, 2014

Easy And Nutritious

I got the recipe for these 'Quinoa Sweet Potato Cakes'
from a friend who posted it on Facebook.
They looked easy to do and I gave them a try yesterday for lunch.

To start place four medium-sized sweet potatoes on a cookie sheet
and place in a 350 F oven. When baking potatoes I usually
pierce them a few times with a fork to let out any steam
and maybe just preventing them from exploding in the oven.
It took 20+ minutes to bake.

Next place a cup of quinoa in a sauce pan and add two cups of water.
 Bring to a boil and then cover.....turn the burner off and let
stand till potatoes are baked.

While waiting for the potatoes saute 2 small shallots
 or 1 medium onion (I used onion as I didn't have have any shallots).
I used a small amount of water instead of an oil.

And since I didn't have any fresh herbs growing outside, I used
a small bunch of fresh baby kale.....cutting it up finely
and adding to the sauteed onions.

I also added my spices to this mixture:
Salt and pepper, coriander, a dash of cayenne pepper, and
basil. ( I figure you can use whatever spices you like....I did!)

By now the potatoes and the quinoa ought to be done....
in a large bowl mix them together along with
the onion/kale/spices mixture.

Oh yes, don't forget to peel the potatoes!

Prepare a cookie sheet with parchment paper and set aside.

Now make patties by forming them in your hands.....
there is no limit as to how big to make them.......
I made 14 medium ones.

Place each patty on the parchment-covered cookie sheet,
brush the tops with a good olive oil,
and place in a 350 F oven for 15 to 20 minutes.

There was an avocado creamy sauce in the original recipe
but I/we prefer them plain.
I garnished the baked 'cakes' with a carrot/baby kale salad.

A chutney would also be good with these.

They were delicious!

For more information about quinoa


  1. this looks like a perfect dish for me and love quinoa-thanks

    1. That's right Kathy! This is right up your alley!!

  2. Good Morning, Jim, I may just try this, I have the ingredients. I do love my sweet potatoes!

    1. Me too Sharon. We eat sweet potatoes more now than we ever did!

  3. Wonderful recipe, Jim. Thanks for sharing it. I LOVE sweet potatoes, and I will definitely be trying this.

    1. Yes do, Martha. I don't think you will be disappointed.

  4. Quinoa is such a good protein source. A very heart healthy meal, Jim - you get A➕.

    1. Thanks Barb! Phew!
      Yes quinoa is a great meat substitute.

  5. I am making these tomorrow...they look so darn good and I love quinoa. I have the potatoes all ready cooked and frozen in containers so that cuts down on some prep time. Thanks for sharing Jim, didn't know you were a cooking blog!!! haha.

    1. What do you think I should change my blog's name to, Joanne? lol
      There you go, you are already halfway done!! Enjoy.

  6. These look and sound so good, I'd even consider making them!!! I think they might even fit San Geraldo's diet... which means I wouldn't even HAVE to make them. He would.


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