Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Making Up Stories

Even at my age I am learning more about myself.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had a 'Holter Monitor'
connected to me for 48 hours to find out certain things about my heart.

It was suspected that I may have 'Afib' (Arterial Fibrillation).
This is when one of the upper chambers of the heart goes a little wonky
and cause the heart to spasm/fibrillate.

Last year I had a colonoscopy and had to be anesthetized.
In preparation for this the anesthetist thought he could 'see'
a little 'afib' happening.

He recorded this and sent the ECG report to my GP
who in turn called me in to discuss this finding.

He thought that at this point it was okay to not medicate
and said he would monitor me.

So a year went by and I had an appointment with my cardiologist.
She heard what the anesthetist 'found'
but disagreed with his findings.
And to make sure she ordered the Holter Monitor.

These past six weeks I have been awaiting the results.
As I am prone to do I expect the worse and go from there.
I have always done this for most of my life.....
I jump to the worst case scenario and hope for the best after that.

I must have, I know I did, learned this as a child, as a way of 
not getting my expectations too high as to the outcome.
I have always been aware that I do this and have been told so as well....
it is that obvious.

I stress myself out and imagine the worse to come.....
never thinking that I could be 'making up stories'
that have no substance to them.

I know this comes from having a mother who was sick
for most of my childhood and I thought, I guess, that
everything was much the same in life.....and would not get better,
so accept the inevitable.

I do try hard to stop this train of thinking
and for the most part I am successful.
But sometimes it gets carried away.

I saw the cardiologist yesterday.
The results were good!
No sign of 'Afib' at all.

All of these photos were taken by Ron on the weekend in the 'Hydrostone' area
in Halifax's North End.


  1. Reach for the sky, have no doubts, all is good with you and your place, wonderful to have results that are 100% OK. I have been wondering how long before they finished processing the monitor. Our daughter had to have that a few years ago, and hers was all Ok too. Cheers to all, Jean.

    1. Thanks so much Jean. I will try to do better and reach for the sky!!

  2. I googled just to see what they look like now.
    Cardiology was my first department when I started in the late 80s's!!!
    They are a little more compact than back then...
    Think of the first cellphones and what they look like now.
    It'll give you a fair idea!!!
    Glad to hear the news are good!!!
    Keep well!!

    1. Except for the 'sticky connectors' which stick and pull any hair to shreds!!, I hardly noticed it was on, Bruno.
      I was surprised too at how small they were.
      Thanks and I'll do my best to stay healthy!

  3. great news! this must be such a relief for you!

    1. Oh it is! For a year I have been thinking I had this and wondering when the medication would start. Whew!
      Good to see you!

  4. I'm happy to hear this news! "Prepare for the worst but hope for the best" is familiar to me. So long as both sides of the maxim are given equal time and emphasis, it can be a prudent way of dealing with the unknown (I think).

    1. I guess to a lot of people, Debra, too. Balance is the key for sure and a good hit the side of the head once and a while!! lol

  5. I'm glad you're okay. It's understandable that some people expect the worst. I always says I might as well expect everything will be horrible because then it's such a happy surprise when things are great.


    1. I SO hear you Janie! I feel I am a very positive person generally and always have.....it's what got me through some pretty rough times. But I know that all things are not always rosy too.

  6. That's wonderful that you are OK. I hear these horrible ads on TV about the meds for this condition. Please tell Ron that his pictures are fabulous.

    1. Ron says 'thank you', Inger. He did these while sitting in the car last week outside 'our Starbucks'!!
      My cousin has 'Afib' and we are the same age. She is on one of these blood-thinning' drugs. There are newer ones out now that aren't as complicated as Warfarin is for many.

  7. That is just super! You don't need that problem! Yes, the mind does tend to get carried away sometimes.

    1. Now if I could use my 'carried away' moments like you do and write, then things would be better!!
      That's right Sharon, no needs that problem.

  8. Jim- I'm so glad all is well- such a relief for you I know. It's terrible to have to wait so long for the results-- we've been in the waiting end if things as well. I hope spring comes to you all soon:)

  9. Thanks Vicki. Yes, waiting can be difficult.
    Ron shared your communication with me today. I wish your family all the best.
    Yes, bring on the spring!

  10. So glad you had good news!
    Ron's photos here are beautiful.

  11. there is no stopping that train once I am on it. I think I learned it long ago but for different reasons than you. So happy to hear good news. now go out and celebrate!

  12. I understand what you're saying, when we're kids we find ways to cope to protect ourselves from stress and sometimes those very protections are things tend to be stress makers when we become adults...
    I became aware of behaviors that I had developed to cope with my dad's drinking and later his health decline because of it...Awareness is key Jim. Glad you're ok~


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