Friday, February 14, 2014

Good To Rejoin The Human Race

Before noon yesterday I joined Ron and Sophie for their beach walk.
First time out in four days and it was good to breathe the fresh air.

So down the road we went....

Sophie was the first out of the car
 and headed up over the dunes on the boardwalk towards the beach.

It was very cold and windy and Ron was bundled up as he left the car.

Didn't have any plans to do any surfing today
and I knew my limits.

The wind was howling as I stayed on the boardwalk
and watched Ron and Sophie do their thing.

Sophie was in heaven chasing her Mr.Orangie up and down the beach.

It was even too cold and windy for these two!
So back to the car we all went
and drove further down the road 
to the Rose and Rooster for lunch.

Good to be back!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

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