Friday, February 7, 2014

Winter Scene Summer Memories

In the summertime this section of boardwalk at Conrads Beach
has lots of people coming and going.

This boardwalk ends at a beautiful beach that is 
full of families spending their day here.
If one would take the few steps on the left near the end
and take a ten minute walk along a path,
you would end up at a second beach.

That beach is more quiet with less people.
Why more people don't venture down is a mystery to me.
But I am not complaining one bit.

On Wednesday Sophie and I walked down the first beach
and onto the second. That is where she took her 'plunge'!

Had it been summer, we would have stayed for a few hours.
She was happy just to be here again.
As was I.


  1. Good morning, Jim! I guess I am like the summer folk. I miss the warm sun and the warm breezes. I believe today I would need a polar suit. :-)

    1. Oh I know poor 'southerners'!! So spoiled with those warm breezes.....usually. Bundle up now and remember spring is coming!

  2. I can see why you both would be happy to be at the beach. All by yourselves.

    1. We were Inger! These beaches are great to have 'in the hood', so to speak!!

  3. You took your new header pic there too, didn't you? It's fab!

    1. Oh Debra! Can't pull a 'fast one' on you!! lol
      Yes I did get the header shot here on the bridge before this boardwalk. Enjoying the Olympics!?

  4. Shall I burst into song? "Another Winter in a Summer Town"...

    1. Hey Stephen! Whatever works.....sing away!

  5. I would probably freeze to death there. I want to visit so badly, but I can't afford to travel and I don't even have a coat.



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