Thursday, February 6, 2014

Taking The Plunge

How to cool off in February in the north Atlantic Ocean:

1. First get your human to take you to the beach.....check.

2. Approach the 'cooling pool' gradually.....check.

3. Put an intense stare on face.....check.

4. Proceed to enter 'pool' as if it is summer.....check.

5. Keep moving ahead with head down.....check.

6. Make sure you are soaked from the knees down.....check.

7. Then, looking towards your human, begin to turn around.....check.

 8. Now that the legs are completely numb proceed to go back in.....check.

9. This time heading out further.....check.

10. Looking straight ahead pick up speed to cause a good splash.....check.

11. Look like you are enjoying this.....check.

12. Pause for a second.....check.

13. Then scare your human to death by heading out deeper.....check.

14. Then stop, turn around and sniff the water.....check.

15. Give your mouth a good rinse.....check.

16. And since it has been months doing this, dunk your head in completely.....check.

Sophie and I were at Conrads Beach yesterday. This is her favourite beach,
 as she has spent many a hot summer day here. 
 As you can see she was elated to be here.

Please note: No animal(s) were mistreated or in any danger during this shoot.

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