Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

A week of all kinds of weather here in Nova Scotia.

From fog as thick as pea soup....

to rain and snow and everything in between.

Green means go!

And red means stop!

In the garden yesterday morning and between storms, it was almost springlike.
I know, the guard lion doesn't look too happy at all!

But there were buds aplenty.....above on the Teddy Bear Rhododendron

.....and the Hong Kong rhodos as well.

And as well the Star Magnolia is covered in is usually the first to flower.
But not till May.

I found this ready-made collection of clam shells 
on the handrail of the boardwalk.

Winter at the beach.

Kitchen 'still life'.

Waiting for the elevator in Halifax yesterday.


  1. Yeah! Signs of spring for you. I saw a meadowlark this morning ~ that seems way early! "Green means go!" is a stellar photograph! And I love the one of you and Ron waiting for the elevator! Hope you three are having a great Saturday.
    We had considered going up to Breck for the long weekend, but didn't. It was a good thing too, because there was a horrendous and long shutdown of the highway at the Loveland tunnel. Stupid Coloradans driving to the mountains in a snowstorm on bald tires. The DOT towed 18 cars with Colorado plates and BALD tires off the lead up to the tunnel. Really?!

  2. Wow- I can't believe you already have buds!! That seems early-- it will be weeks before we see any! I love the stoplight pictures:)


  3. Wonderful photos, Jim! Who are those handsome devils waiting for the elevator?

    I bet you can't wait to see that Magnolia in bloom Magnolias are one of the most beautiful sights of spring.

  4. Buds? In February! Amazing. The only buds on the prairies at this time of the year are Budweisers, LOL!

  5. Your Rhods bloom well? I live in central Ohio (about six hours southwest of Toronto) and mine grow but the blooms are buzzed by frost. Which varieties do you grow?

  6. Beautiful photos and post-processing. I love the kitchen still life.


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