Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Water Water Everywhere

We went for a drive on the weekend along the Chebucto Peninsula 
on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, west of Halifax.

Reflections of fishing shacks.

Moored Cape Islander fishing boat.

Buoys and a Cormorant. 



  1. love that 2nd photo! You just can't seem to get away from the water eh? at least it stopped snowing.

    1. That's right Joanne! It's everywhere!! Glad I can swim! lol

  2. What a beautiful series of photos. I am so glad you could go on a drive : ).

  3. Your watery world is so different than what I'm used to on the prairies. But I think we each have our own strong spirit of place, don't we?

  4. Lovely shots. I like that little fishing boat!

  5. Jim, These shots where there is only a bit of color are amazing - very dreamy and pure. They're so restful. I see most of the snow is gone on the boat one.

  6. Do you think you'll get more snow? When we lived in Maryland we once had a blizzard in late March.


  7. Hi Jim! I was very happy and relieved to hear that you got a good report from the doctor! That had to be hard to wait out. I'm the opposite from you ~ I tend to think that everything will work out just fine! Whereas Terry worries about me all day long when nothing is going on. I do stress out over always chasing my tail though ~ no matter how hard I try, I'm always coming from behind.

    You've had so many great posts recently. I want to try the quinoa sweet potato cakes. I think Nova Scotia was nuts to rip up its railroad tracks. We have big trucks everywhere here. Besides I miss the sound of trains and balancing on the tracks. But with all the natural gas and energy independence on its way, I think the rails won't be coming back any time soon.

    I know that version of Mr. Sandman so well. I heard it a lot growing up. Your PC contemplative post made me almost break out in a cold sweat. I've had to step out so many times with absolutely nothing to hold on to. I'm not sure I was daring ~ More like my back was against the wall with my world ripped out from under me and I had no choice but to take the next step and start walking. I have a little more trust in the fact that I can do what I have to do, but I don't think I'll ever be comfortable about stepping out into nothing with nothing but faith that I can do it. Lovely orange lichen though! As always, I enjoy your photos! Especially water related ones.
    Have a great rest of the week!

  8. Totally love this second shot!


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