Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cod....This Is Getting Tedious

Been looking at this painting for three days now.
Not that I am complaining mind you.
However, being 'house-bound' due to flu
I am not able and don't have the desire to go outside.

So I sit and watch the Olympics (I don't mind that)
and look around the house from my 'computer chair'.

I bought this folk-art painting last year and have it
sitting atop two bronze urns in the living room.

I do like it a lot and may have (probably did!)
posted about it before.
I believe it is set in Newfoundland
(Canada's youngest province.....1949).

It depicts three women laying out codfish for drying.
This was obviously when cod was plentiful
and before it was over-fished by a world
thinking it would last forever.

And to 'Josie' the artist,
a warm thank you.

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