Friday, February 21, 2014

I Got To Thinkin'.......

Whatever happened to the local railways here in the Maritimes? (click)
Most, if not all, of our Trans Canada Trail system
is made from these defunct rail lines.

Don't get me wrong, I love our trail system here in Nova Scotia
and we use it almost daily.
However, it makes me wonder if going with truck transport,
over rail transport, was the wisest choice back in the 70's and 80's.

It must have been a powerful lobby group that convinced
the 'then government' to abandon local railways.

Maybe it was the trend back then in other countries as well.
Our roads and cities are jammed with transport trucks....
those 18+ wheelers. In fact, last week a young driver
in his commercial van was killed instantly
when the transport truck in front of him detached 
itself from the large container it was hauling
and crushed the van.

Our downtown area in Halifax is over-crowded with these
truck/container vehicles.....from one end of the city to the far end.

As I said, just thinking.....and OK time to stop!


  1. And what rail lines are left are now all hauling crude oil, sheesh.

  2. We have trains here, our town is a railroad town, but they are not enough. Tens of thousands of trucks come through the pass every day.

  3. Semis ruin the roads, the drivers are more likely than not - over-tired, and that's dangerous. Yep, we all screwed up...
    The pathway looks lonesome, your picture really brings that feeling to me.

  4. So many things that once must have seemed good ideas have become nightmares.

  5. all the roads are crowded with these trucks, the freeways are frightening and now the old rail lines are used to haul coal. right through the city...coal dust everywhere. How did this happen??


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