Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bring it on!

Summer has begun! No holds barred! Let the games begin!

Today I officially started summer. I soaked Ron with the garden hose. Got him first.

There I was filling Sophie's 'swimming pool' and Ron actually came within very close range to the spray?! What's that about? Has he forgotten that it's all fair in love and war?

I just couldn't resist. He got it right in the back and butt! I got this squeeky/look from him.....meaning 'strike one' (sucker), I'll get you for this when you're not looking.

I knew the procedure but it was great getting him first.....usually it's the other way around. Now I'll have to keep looking over my shoulder in anticipation of MY soaking.....or not!

A couple of years ago we really got into this and purchased a 'Super Soaker' which can travel pretty far and is not as obvious as the hose. We hide it on each other in the fall and always forget where it is. I know where it is.

And how old did I say we were?

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