Monday, June 28, 2010

Contemplative Monday

The following quote is by Mel Levine, M.D. It is from his book, The Myth of Laziness:

"When we call someone lazy, we condemn a human being."

I worked with kids all my teaching career who were given this label by society.

What wasn't realized was that these children had a learning difficulty, a neurodevelopmental dysfunction, that could continue to cause difficulties into their adulthood if left unchecked.


  1. You were a teacher? What class or grade, if I may be so bold to ask?
    Yep, always a reason for a child or adult , even, to be lazy. We are naturally busy creatures.

  2. Oh how this rings true in my household full of dyslexics !!! Actually they work harder at decoding the written word than most. They do not get praise or recognition of their hard work unless someone like you understands them !

  3. Thank you for this. My own mother characterized me as lazy for all my teenaged years. Turned out, I was hypothyroid. Still, I have never completely shaken that indictment in my own mind.

  4. Yes Sharon, I was a teacher but not a classroom one. I started with Developmentally Delayed kids, then to LD/dyslexic kids. I worked one-to-one for the past 12 years with kids from grades 4 to 12.

    Penny, you would appreciate all this must have acquired a lot of patience.

  5. It's an honor to know people like you. My sister had the worst form of Down's Syndrome at a time when little was understood. She never learned to speak, but she had the best, most patient caregivers who worked with her and taught her thing that were thought beyond possible. Much thanks to them, she lived to be 58.

  6. aHA! I finally got this thing to take my comment! I've been trying to comment on your blog for over a week, but Blogger wouldn't let me.

    I have worked with LD kids, but not formally as a teacher. They need for people to be patient with them. Emotionally disturbed children, like my two youngest kids, also require huge amounts of patience.

    I really like the flower photos. Did you take these photographs?

  7. jim, when we see an animal lazing around...we never judge it do we?

    (thats a heavy comment from me on this monday)

  8. Java,I agree....I always saved most of my patience for was very important to do so to create any type of trust. And yes, I take the photos. I love close up, in-your-face ones.

    Inger,your sister has,I'm sure' influenced you in ways that are not measurable. These students certainly have left a positive mark on me. They were my happiest years in teaching. I still keep in touch with a few of them.

  9. Lovely pictures and words as well.

  10. You mean that's my problem! ; )


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