Monday, June 21, 2010


My Dad's birthday party went off without a hitch. There was a little bit of, wine, and dance.

I made the birthday cake on Saturday. I used the family recipe that my Mom used ever since we were kids.

It's almost like a pound cake but with less eggs. And it's always good. I decided to change it up a bit and made a coconut flavoured frosting......had to use a ton of it to cover the whole thing. It literally weighed a ton! Hoped it wouldn't turn into stone!

I hoped this wouldn't be the first failure.

We got to Dad's place early so we could 'set up'. Everyone was due to arrive at 1 P.M. 

'Set up' complete, people began to trickle in. First a couple of my nieces......

Then grand-nieces.....



There was a lot of food and as soon as all were accounted for, we dove into it!

After everyone was stuffed, the 'entertainment' arrived. Two teen-aged sisters (16 and 18) who are related to my niece's husband, set up to play the fiddle and piano. They play on weekend afternoons in an Irish pub in Halifax.

The 'kitchen party' had begun. The music was really contagious......and most of us, being from Scottish/Irish descent, began to 'move'. Some more so than others.

And two little gals had a ball with their mom......

My sister, Mim, joined in with her mandolin.

The music went on for over an hour. And ended with 'Happy Birthday'.

And with a little help from his great-grandchildren, Dad blew out the candles.

Dad had a great time, as did everyone else. I thought he would be tired (like the rest of us) but he said, 'How could I be tired? I just sat back and watched!'

Happy 94th. Dad!

Oh, the cake turned out fine........Mom would have been proud.

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