Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Aging agelessly

Just read Stew's blog, A Brighter Side of the Grave http// , and it got me laughing about a similar incident that happened to Ron and I a couple of years ago.

The scene: Christmas shopping in a mall. I tell Ron to try on some jeans so that they are sure to fit him. We enter the store and a lovely salesclerk/manager approaches us. She asks if she can be of any assistance. Ron shows her what he wants to try on and does so. While waiting at the cash the manager asks me if I have any more shopping to do for my son. 

At first I wasn't quite sure what she meant. Then it hit me. She thought Ron was MY son! I chuckled inside and knew Ron would get a great kick out of this. To be honest I didn't know at first how to react. 

I thought....geez, do I look that much older than he does? Or, what a bitch to think such a thing!

I didn't tell Ron till we left the store and the saleslady was oblivious to the TRAUMA that she had caused me.

When I told him, we both started to laugh hysterically. It was funny, granted at my expense but I was pretty used to this.

You see, Ron does look a lot younger than he is....always has. He says it's his genes. And this is true. His Mom was very young looking all of her life. His father.....we don't know, except for a few pictures when he was in his early 30's. He died when he was 36 years old.

Looking back, Ron looked pretty young when we met. He was 23 and I was 24. But he looked 16 and I knew he wasn't. And I know that I look my age...maybe 5 years younger on a good day. Ron looks 15 years younger than he is.

What difference does it make? None really. I have related this story to my family and friends and they were horrified that I would even tell it. I say that I embrace my age and am not ashamed of it. A lot of people are mortified at getting older. I can truthfully say that I am not. Even if I was, there's not much one can do about it.

Our society is so focused on youthfulness and staying 'young'. I loved being young! I also love being my age. And to be honest it was difficult for a short while accepting the inevitable fact that we all are getting older.

My theory is that if we worry a lot about our mortality, it WILL make us older/sicker or it will kill us. So why not just enjoy WHO and WHERE you are right NOW. (a much older, bitter

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