Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Cruise-Control Type of Day

We're all tired from yesterday's jam-packed, non-stop, walking marathon day. I had a doctor's appointment in the morning in Halifax and we decided that we would get in a walk with the dogs at Point Pleasant Park before the appt.

So we had to eat breakfast  and chose an alright place on the way. We were stuffed when we left and headed to the city. While whipping down Hollis Street I stuck the camera out the window get the flavour (?) of the city and came up with these. First some buildings...

Then this one of Province House (the legislature sits here)....

And the Lieutenant Governor's house (this is were the Queen stays when she visits her loyal subjects....)....still seems strange to me but I like her.....

Walked around the Park, taking a new route this time, for about an hour. Met tons of dogs too which I'm sure Sophie will tell you about on her blog.....http// as soon as she wakes up that is!

Went to the doctor's and got a good progress report. Then off to the south shore to visit a few beaches.

We were away all day and walked some more at each beach. It was great and the weather was superb.

That's why we are tired today....all the fresh air and activity. This is a good day to do whatever lands in front of me.

Had some oldish bananas and decided a cake would be nice. I looked up a recipe and found a banana loaf one.....that was okay......I would double the recipe and use a bigger cake pan. Sophie was too tired to watch. 

But Clancey sat and stared ...hoping for some batter to fall to the floor.

Got all the ingredients together and popped it in the oven for about 45 minutes.

It worked. My Mom used to say that you can't just go and double recipes because it may not work are made for single amounts at a time. She was probably right....but this time it worked.

 Since the dogs were out of it most of the day, it gave us a chance to let them sleep and putter around the garden.

I noticed that the Meconopsis (blue poppy) was doing poorly this year. Usually there would be blossoms at this time.

 I suspect that the plants that have survived are starting anew and it takes up to three years for them to bloom. But they are well worth waiting for. These pictures were taken two summers ago.

One of my favourite plants is the Peony. It has a breathtaking scent too.

Another is the Oriental Poppy. I always think of Georgia O'Keefe when they are in bloom.

And this cute little Azalea.

As I promised last week I would show the 'bean barrels' and their very unusual poles. No beans yet though.

So, as this day approaches supper time, Ron and Sophie continue to rest as does Clancey. What a bunch of whimps!!!!


  1. What a beautiful post! I have never been to Halifax, so I appreciated the tour. Stunning!

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting on The Jason Show!

  2. Halifax, nice tour!
    You bake! You bake good! I could eat that (all) up!
    Pretty flowers, my peony is all done, what gorgeous color!
    I feel like napping too :o)

  3. Back at you, Jason! And you are welcome.

    Sharon, my Mom was a great baker....I learned a lot from her as a child.

  4. I have NEVER seen a blue poppy ! Great photos.
    Jess makes a great banana loaf - I agree there is never enough but when she doubles amounts the results are messy ...Jess is a great baker but terrible clearer upper !

  5. Actually, they really aren't a 'poppy' at all. But since they are similar looking in ways, they have taken on that label.

  6. I'm really going to have to visit your province one day! This year though, it's gonna be Maine. Pretty close, but no cigar.

  7. Ah! Bannana Loaf. I doubt theres any left. But if you find you have some a few days later, it is wonderful as the bread for french toast. Add a little peach yogurt instead of syrup and you will melt.

  8. Torn, Maine is great....we love the coastal route...I think it's #1. Takes a little longer but the stops are worth it.

    Hey Stew, thanks for the batch we'll try that out.

  9. Thanks for sharing your day...looks so much fun.


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