Thursday, June 3, 2010

Off the Beaten Path into Timelessness

Took to the beach yesterday earlier than usual. Sophie was her happy self as she went after her ball along the shore. 

This is the Piping Plovers' nesting time and they lay their eggs just above the waterline ( high tide) in the sand. It makes them very vulnerable to both humans and dogs who could walk on the eggs totally unaware.....thus the signage. They are an endangered species. We stayed close to the water and it was low tide.

These are not Piping Plovers.

We did the loop onto the next beach which leads to the river and into the wooded area. We decided to take the path through the woods which takes you back in the direction of the parking lot. Sophie was keen to do this, as this gave her something different to sniff and explore.

This area is eroding at a very fast rate due to the high tides and storm surges. It is amazing how much of this forested area has become beach in the past few years. Eventually, it will be gone. And as it is in the shape of a peninsula, this will hasten it's disappearance. Such is nature.

Back on the path, I was looking for that perfect shot when Sophie came bounding up to me. She and Ron had walked ahead as I was taking pictures. Once she saw that I was OK, she bounded back to Ron but kept an eye on me too. She does this all the time.....making sure we are safe I guess. Her ideal location when walking with us is between us where she can watch both.

I recognized some of the plants along the path....some I didn't. 

The silence here was palatable. Couldn't hear the ocean and waves, just the crunching sounds under our feet. It was like time had disappeared and we were wandering about with no constraints whatsoever.

I just thought of a good analogy. Having just returned from Yoga class, the timelessness feeling in the woods is similar to that period when you are just coming back from a meditative position you were doing for a while.........gradually having to come back to 'reality'. This is how it felt as we turned a corner along the path and headed back into the open space of dunes and beach, leaving the 'enchanted' forest behind.

 And facing the day which was ahead of us.

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