Friday, June 25, 2010

Retro Saturday....hic...hic

Published this post early........very busy day tomorrow.

Welcome to the second edition of RETRO SATURDAY. I should give you a little background to how we acquired this collection.

Think or imagine back to the early 1950's in a small town in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. A group of young mothers were having a birthday party.......for one of themselves. They called this 'club' The Birthday Girls. They were about a dozen ladies, all in their early 30's, rearing to go and to let off a little steam from just having a very busy week of kids, husbands and the like.

Ron's Mom was one of them. She was quite the entertainer  and when it was her turn, she held back nothing. As soon as the 'group' had assembled, they would start with 'drinks'. And that is where this Pink Elephant collection comes in.

Not quite sure where this glassware came from, but it must have been purchased in the province somewhere. There are no markings on any of the glassware, but the booklet was published in 1952 by Richard Rosen Assoc. Inc. New York.

It was used for a number of years at these parties till at least the late 60's and  was then put and stored away in a pink arborite kitchen cabinet. (Vintage Christine, you would have died for this piece of furniture). It stayed in this cabinet till 1998 at which point it was sold at auction. 

We could kick ourselves for not keeping it. But we did keep this collection of Pink Elephants because they were so cute and unusual.

As you can see there is a `bar` booklet that goes with it just in case you forget how to make a drink due to too many in the first place! The swizzle sticks were purchased much later and are not part of the original set. We thought they `fit` in quite well.

The gals always  had a great time together and they were still in existence when I came on the scene in the early 70`s.

The last Birthday Girl passed away last year at the age of 92. Whenever we look at this collection, we remember these gals who were so full of spirit and enthusiasm for life.
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