Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday with Dad

What was I going to prepare today for Dad's lunch? I asked myself around 10 A.M. this morning. 

Called him and told him to get ready.....we were hitting the road today. Decided to go to the South Shore (of Nova Scotia) and eat at the 'Trellis'. He had never been to this little Cafe in the village of Hubbards. We have been here a few times and enjoyed it.

It would take about an hour to get there and we decided to not go through the city (Halifax) because roads were blocked off due to Queen Elizabeth's visit. So we took a longer route and completely circumnavigated Halifax.

I like the South Shore. We used to spend time in the summers there when I was really young. A completely different 'shore' than the Eastern Shore where we live.......more settled and less rugged than here.

Got to the 'Trellis'.

Dad made his way in.

Sophie wasn't too happy about being excluded.

Dad ordered his 'usual'.......seafood chowder. It was packed with all sorts of seafood....lobster, scallops, shrimp, haddock and of course the obligatory potato.

We all felt better after we stuffed ourselves. 

And since we were on this 'shore', we thought we would drop in to see my sister, Jo. She and her partner live just a few kms from the Cafe. 

Jo was home and was very pleased to see us.

We did a tour of her garden and took home some handmade pavers that she discarded. We could use them in our garden.

Dad stayed in the car.....too difficult to get about once he is settled.

Sophie loved all this, especially Jo! Sophie loves women. Doesn't get to spend that much time with them........go figure!

After the hysterics, Sophie settled and ran around and around the property. And all that grass! Heaven to her since we don't do grass. 

And she found a little puddle to lay in......ah-h-h!

After a little chit-chat, we headed back to Cole Harbour (where Dad lives). Ignored the chaos again in Halifax and was home in no time.

Dad had a good time. That was the important thing.


  1. That sounds like a nice little trip! Cute little place, the "Trellis". Real down home, or is that up home? Nice day out for your Dad, bet he's zonked out in his favorite nap spot!

  2. Let's do that again......You got that right ,Sharon!

  3. I miss my dad. Treasure these times you have.

  4. Looks like a lovely day. I didn't know my Auntie Liz was visiting . . . and to think she didn't even tell me. ;)

  5. That sounds like a lovely day! The pictures are wonderful...it looks beautiful where you are from...and cool! Right now cool would be wonderful!

  6. Great little story, so much "family" and chock full of information, and pleased your Dad had a great day. I love the idea of this:

    Dad ordered his 'usual'.......seafood chowder. It was packed with all sorts of seafood....lobster, scallops, shrimp, haddock and of course the obligatory potato.


  7. Oh how I envy what you have with your Dad. Very touching.
    The Queen was in town? I find that rather exciting. From what I've read about her she sounds like a real smart lady with lots of grit and determination.
    Sophie looked pretty happy running around.
    Your sister has a very nice smile.

  8. This looks like my kind of place.
    I was thinking about you yesterday when I saw the news about the Queen's visit to Halifax .

    Thank you for your lovely comment about my blog - it made my day !

  9. What a lovely day for you, your dad and Sophie too!


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