Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh My....deer

Been getting up a lot earlier the past couple of weeks. The mornings are so bright and sunny that we head to the beach before breakfast. 

It's quiet. The regular dog walkers don't get there till about 8:30. So the three of us have the beach to ourselves for a while.

The tide had ebbed and was on it's way out. There were a few good waves that Sophie liked to jump over or 'surf' her way back in on. The more water the better for her! She loves it everywhere on her.

Half way down the first beach I saw in the distance what looked like a very tall dog. It wasn't. It turned out to be a young deer.....white-tailed one at that.

We put Sophie on the 'lead' just in case....she would no doubt run after it and who knows what else, if she could catch it. It kept coming closer and closer to us until it realized or smelled that we were humans. It stared for a second or two, turned, and ran (sprang) off.

Sophie thought this was exciting and kept barking. We thought it was cool too. Have never seen a deer on this beach in the 20 years we have been coming to this particular one. It made our morning.

Made it around to the next beach and up to the river, at which point we turn and head back. Could have gone through the woods but it was wet overnight and we wanted to stay dry.

My day to see Dad for lunch duty. I went solo today.We did take-out and had a quiet meal together discussing his party and all the left-over food in the fridge (which I promptly threw out, with his permission of course).

I know I am very fortunate to be spending this time with my father. I really never thought I'd be doing this. I grew up in such a large family: nine kids, grandmother, uncle and parents in a large house but with only ONE bathroom!!! How we did it, I do not know. We learned at a very young age that bathrooms were not a place to spend an unduly amount of time.....there were always people waiting to get in. But I'm sure in some strange, psychological terminology way we are all better off because of it.

So to have quiet moments with Dad is something very valuable to me. Wake up Jim....Jim.... but maybe not for him, because he hinted around that it would be nice to get out today. He no longer drives a car and can get 'house-bound' for a few days in a row. He said where he wanted to go....to the local drugstore/pharmacy. He loves teasing the sales clerks there. They were very pleased to see him and in his true style he began to give them a hard time.

Twenty boxes of kleenex/tissues later (he has this fear that he may run out!!), we left to head home. He was content now for a few more days.

Got back to my house mid-day to discover Ron had been busy whipper-snipping the property. We had so many Forget-Me-Nots this year that they were at their 'get rid of till next year stage'. I'm sure we'll have as many next spring because they were covered with hundreds of seeds which fell to the ground.

Now it is time to sit back, watch the local news and maybe go to the 'boardwalk' a little later for a bit.

Have a great evening.


  1. Oh, deer, it must have been pretty surprised! They are beautiful animals, aren't they?
    It's so very nice that you can spend time with your dad, and listen to all the stories of long ago. Times to treasure.
    That Sophie can be a character, can't she? Riding the waves...... Yep, some dogs love the water!

  2. Such beautiful pictures! I keep thinking how lovely it would be to be an a cool beach right now! My son would surely love it he is always drawn to water,especially cold water!


  4. Pugsley is so jealous of Sophie getting to play in the surf everyday. He loves the water too. However although we have more coastline than anyone here in Michigan, it's mostly private. We do run into deer on most of our walks in the woods though. Between them and the other small critters, we keep him on his lead most of the time. He likes the security of it for the most part.
    I too like spending time with my father. I just don't know how he's put up with my mother for 57 years. He's like a completely different person IF you can get away from her.

  5. In answer to your query on my blog, we have very humid heat here. Open the door and it's like being slapped in the face with a hot, wet blanket! It's pretty hard to take some days! Even people with good lungs have a problem dealing with it.
    Have a good night!

  6. What a cool site, the deer. I wonder why she went there.

  7. Oh how exciting to see a deer on the beach. Beautiful pics.
    I am in awe of your relationship with your Dad. It is truly heartwarming. So much love. I come from a very, very dysfunctional family so there is no bond between any of us other than my sister who is a few years older than me and of course my three daughters.

  8. Your beach pictures (indeed all the pictures here) are stunningly beautiful! Your posts are like enjoying a great snack during a busy day too! All the best to you, your dad, and company.

  9. Thanks all for your comments....much appreciated feedback.

  10. Our dog Jordan has never liked the beach, which is fine with me as it means she doesn't come in the house wet and stinky. I do that enough for one household! :-)


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