Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lunch With Dad and the Ladies

After a brisk walk on the beach early this morning..........

I decided on where to take Dad for lunch today. Tuesdays are my day to make sure he has a good meal and to do any shopping for him. I gave him a call and he said that he would like to get out for a change. He and my Mom used to frequent this place in the summer....it's called the Rose and Kettle Tea Room.

It is in Cole Harbour which is a 'bedroom' community outside Dartmouth which is a 'bedroom' community outside Halifax.

 My Dad lives in Cole Harbour and knows the community well. When he could get around more easily, he'd be out and about giving the sales people a hard time and enjoying their comments back at him. He is a real joker........non-stop!

We got there around the noon hour and the place was full ....... with women. Not a male in the place. Dad said that it is always like this. Don`t know what would scare men away. Maybe too frilly for some guys....who knows.

  We were assured that it wouldn't be too long a wait. It wasn't but it was just about to test Dad's patience when we got a table. Whew!

We placed our order of Fish Cakes and Baked Beans. While waiting for the order to arrive we noticed a stream of ladies coming in with bright red hats on and heading for the far table in the back. They call themselves the Red Hat Society and do charitable work around the community. They are usually quite gregarious but when I approached them with a camera they seemed to turn on their best behavior for the shot.

The meal arrived....it was great. The fish cakes were made with salt cod, the only way my Dad will eat them and came with a nice green tomato chow. The beans were also good.....full of flavour. Dad had a rhubarb square with cream cheese strawberry topping. He kinda liked it.......

This Tea Room is situated in a farm setting with hens, goats, geese . It has been preserved and every summer it is run like it was years ago. It is dab in the middle of suburb houses. But what a time warp it is........no wonder it is always packed with people wanting to take time to relax.


  1. I get so many treats when I visit Jim's Pa...let's go now!!!!

  2. Sounds like you all had a wonderful day! I just love the beach pictures.....I can almost smell the salt air and hear the sea birds!

  3. That looks like a very comfortable place to go and eat! Love the door! I like old fashioned things. We have the red hat ladies down here also, they do a lot of good. Lunch sounds pretty good, I would probably have the same (even if I am not supposed to) ;o)

  4. I really enjoyed our visit a few years ago to Halifax and Dartmouth.
    We drove up to an interesting site(Funday Bay? I believe) and had lunch in a nice restaurant.

    Good day out with your Dad.

  5. My mother would have loved the tea room AND your father--not so much the Red Hat ladies, unfortunately. I tried to get her interested in the local group but she refused to go, which I couldn't understand because she was always quite the social butterfly, but the Alzheimer's really messed her up in so many ways. Yesterday would have been her 83rd birthday. Please, next time you see your dad, give him a secret little hug from this Mississippi gal!!

  6. Peggy, yes the Bay of Fundy is a beautiful area. Don't remember the area you had lunch in, do you?

    Christine, I will give Dad a secret hug....he would blush if he knew it was from a Mississippi gal!

    Yes, Sharon you would have loved it there.

    You too John!

  7. What a great lunch you all had. Not only did it sound yummy, but the atmosphere was like going back in time.
    Love the Red Hat Ladies pic. But one of them was wearing a purple hat. Is she the head lady of the group?
    Your Dad sounds like quite the character. :)

  8. She was probably colour-blind or something! Actually, the purple was mixed with red around the back.


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