Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nothing To Write Home About

I think I'll write about nothing today. Feel like I have nothing to say or at least nothing that anybody would find interesting at all.

It's like having  a Yard/Garage sale....can't imagine that anyone would want to buy this stuff. But they do. As do I at's their's.

So, here goes. 

Full day yesterday. Up at 7 AM to get ready for Clancey's arrival. Liz,his Mamma, was due at 9:30. She was going to NYC for a week to de-pressurize. We had to eat, feed Sophie, quickly clean up the place (presence is everything you see), and I had to finish preparing Dad's lunch for noontime. Lots to do and energy to do it.

Liz arrived and we had our coffee with her before we set out to the beach boardwalk and trail.

After about an hour of running for the dogs, and talking for us, we headed for home.

Said our goodbyes to Liz. Clancey was so pooped out that he hardly noticed she was leaving. This was good because now both dogs will be very relaxed at Dad's.

Dad was very pleased to have another dog to STUFF WITH TREATS! I suggested (told) he take it easy with Clancey because he is a very small dog and can't handle as much food as Sophie. To no avail. I had to watch him (Dad) like a hawk. Something about older people....they seem to find a lot of things very trivial. I suppose it's a good place to be....less stressful.

By the time evening rolled around ,we were ready to watch America's Got Talent. Love this show. It's like a variety show with good and bad performances. Of course when the final 10 begin to compete, that's when the show begins.

Today, after a good night's sleep, I headed out to garden to get the barrels prepared for the runner beans. When completed I'll show you what I have done to them.

Waiting for Ron to return from Halifax. He has volunteered for a cancer research program  called Atlantic Path. They will follow the participants for up to 30  years. Since Nova Scotia has the highest cancer rates in Canada, we thought it was a good idea to put in our 2 cents worth.

Lunch is almost ready. Hope he gets back soon....I'm hungry! 


  1. See? You had lots to write about! All I had to take about was garbage :o)

    I guess Clancey will go home a little plumper than when he came for his stay!

    Yah, I'm hungry too, I better go find something!

  2. I have more than less of nothing to say, which is why I haven't posted anything on my blog in a few days. Maybe I'll do a post about nothing. This is nice.

  3. You know if words fail you, there always Sophie. Just a picture will do, but she seems to always have something to say -- if you can get her away from her own blog. -- Inger

  4. What a talk with someone with nothing to say. ;) Who goes to NYC to de-pressurize? Makes me think she must really be under a lot of pressure.

    I'm sorry to learn that your family has been stricken with cancer. Wonderful that Ron is willing to pitch in that way. Prayers for strength and good health for both of you.

    And thanks for the inspiration of how to handle a nothing-to-say day.

  5. No way Jose..I ain't quittin' this blogging stuff...I love it too much!

  6. Photos are lovely...are you anywhere near Port Hawksbury? My grandparents are from that area, but I haven't had the opportunity to visit there yet

  7. Patti, Port Hawksbury is 3 hours east of here. You must visit this area.....PH is on Cape Breton Island which has spectacular scenery. You grandparents would be pleased, I'm sure.

  8. I'm busy doin' nothin' tra la la la la la la la !

  9. I can just imagine the happiness it gives your Dad to treat not just Sophie, but Clancy as well. With all the walking you do no chance of Clancy putting on extra pounds!
    And you did too have something to say! :)


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