Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Time to UP the Complaining

With all the press on the oil spill in the gulf, I have noticed that some people are choosing to 'stay away' from the conversation so they won't have to think about it.

I feel just the opposite. I think we all should contact our local and federal government representatives and start becoming more vocal on the 'loosey-goosey" laws and regulations that are presently in place pertaining to oil companies drilling off our shores.

This is very important to me because of where I am  situated and how much a spill would directly affect my life and everyone else's around here. And maybe it already has, as there could be a time-bomb getting ready to go off in the future.

It has been reported locally that if the conditions are right, the oil which is presently in the Gulf of Mexico, could find it's way here by hitching a ride with a hurricane or tropical storm. Atlantic Canada has a few wild storms every fall. 

These environmental disasters affect everyone, not just the people who live near the ocean.

I can't imagine what the wildlife is going through (I find it hard to watch the reports) and not to mention the effects the people are experiencing with loss of employment and recreation.

So folks, I think it's time to get on the phone or computer and let your reps get an earful. How else will they know that anyone really cares. If enough people did this, the reps may begin to feel threatened for their 'seats' and actually begin the process to do something to stop this insanity....letting big business call the shots on what THEY want to do to save $$$$. 

Having 'grown up' in the 60's, I know the power of vocal demonstration and  that changes can be made if there is enough 'noise' made in the right places.

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