Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Quickie Blog

This is going to be a quick blog today. I am off to yoga class very soon and have arranged for my youngest sister, Mim, to meet me there. She is a personal trainer and in very good shape......has been all her life. Mim is one of those gals that a lot of women 'love to hate' because she has always been fit.

This is Mim with Sophie.

She has been through some personal 'stuff' lately and I thought it would be good if she relaxed a bit at yoga. As I had mentioned in a previous post, this class is sooo relaxing....due to the instructor and the setting, a Buddhist Temple.

We, the family, are getting geared up for Dad's b'day party on Father's Day. He will be 94. My oldest sister arrives this evening from Edmonton, Alberta and my younger brother arrives tomorrow from Calgary, Alberta. And of course there will be the remaining six 'of us' who live around here in Halifax, along with all the kids from these families. 

In total there should be around 30 people in attendance. Ron and I have arranged for Sophie, our dog, to stay at her favourite 'day care' for the day. She would go berserk with all those people and besides, Dad's home isn't big enough to accommodate a very energetic dog. She'll have a ball with all the mutts at Country Critter Sitters.

Some pics above of Sophie's 'day care'

Since I was the coordinator of this party, there are a few things I have to make sure are done. So I have enlisted a couple of my nieces to help with pre-party set up, rearranging etc. Also we are having entertainment. I will make sure a lot of pics are taken to share with everyone.

I got to go now. It is raining here on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia.......much needed, however. Have a great evening all!
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