Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Little Gem in the Northumberland Strait

Ever since I was a kid, Prince Edward Island (PEI) was a part of my life. Not only are my maternal grandparents from there but we used to spend a couple of weeks each summer in different parts of the Island; and besides, this is where the inspiration for Anne (that's Anne with an 'e') of Green Gables was conceived.

One summer my sister, Jo-Ann, and I stayed at my Mom's cousin Annie's place. It was situated at the very eastern tip of PEI called, what else, East Point. Annie's husband was the lighthouse keeper there and you can imagine the thrill it was for us 'city' kids to be spending time there!

This guy will sting!

I was 7 years old and Jo-Ann was 9. We had a ball and  I can still conger up the deep, haunting sound of the lighthouse foghorn. It was quite an experience for us.

I took Ron back there a few years the lighthouse is a museum. 

So, yesterday we were having lunch with Dad and Jo-Ann (it was her 'lunch' day with Dad), and she told Ron and I that we could have her cottage in July since she would not be using it. We said GREAT! 

Ron, sister Paula and niece Jami

It just so happens that her cottage is 15 minutes from where we stayed as kids. I will be wonderful to spend some time there. 

Moi, Paula and Ron

PEI is a unique place. Once you have taken either the ferry from Nova Scotia or the bridge from New Brunswick, you will be transcended into a 'dreamlike' experience. No kidding.

All above photos were taken in summer of 2007 at the cottage.


  1. Lovely pictures! Oh, to have a cottage for a vacation! It does look so peaceful there!

  2. You will have a wonderful time. I spent my childhood summers on an island in the archipelago in the Baltic sea east of Stockholm. There is nothing like it.

  3. It is Sharon....very peaceful.You can hear the silence.

    Sounds lovely, Inger.

  4. How exciting to stay at the same place that brought you such lovely memories. I am envious! :)
    A lighthouse! A lighthouse! How cool is that?! If only walls could talk.

  5. Looking forward to hearing all about this years stay.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love your photos!

  7. lovely lovely lovely.

    A friend tells this great story about her sister in law Anne Smith. She would always say, " Anne with an E " one day she receives an envelope addressed to Ann Withany Smith !!!!!

    ( My maiden name was Penny Ann without an e Smith !)

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog. PEI looks like a lovely place.

  9. Years ago I had a neighbor with 'vanity' tags on his car that read PEI. For years I wondered what the letters stood for. When I visited Nova Scotia years later it all made sense.


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