Saturday, June 19, 2010

Retro Saturday

Starting something new today and I plan to make this a regular Saturday 'thing'.

Back in the 90's I began in earnest to collect 'depression' glass and other assorted 40's and 50's stuff. Don't know why I became so OBSESSED, but I did....and loved the whole experience.

We would 'hit' antiques shops whenever and wherever we found them. Found a lot of stuff in Maine along the Coastal Route. Talk about deals at the time....and I will in future blogs.

This of course was before Martha Stewart became very popular and started to 'expose' some of this glassware to the public. As a result the prices sky-rocketed. 

What gave me the idea to make Saturdays a retro day, was following Vintage Christine's blog. She has so much passion about this stuff . And her blog reflects this. You should check it out and see what makes her so 'crazy' for this.

For my first 'entry' of retro and as you can already see, this is some of my collection of 'banded' or 'ring' glassware that I have accumulated. I believe most of the glassware companies of the time produced this version. I know Anchor Hocking did make a few pieces I have.

What I like most about, and what attracted me to this particular style was the bright colouring of 'bands'/ 'rings' wrapping around the glass.

Don't know if I remember seeing these around home when I was younger but I'm sure somebody I knew back then had several pieces in their kitchen. Why else would I have felt very familiar with them decades later?

Whatever the reason, I hope you like them as much as I. We have used these large pitchers for lemonade. In fact, most of the collectibles we have are used for something or other around the house.

Have a great weekend all.


  1. Yes I like them very much. Can you explain Depression Glassplease ?

    Isn't it funny the stuff our mothers had in their kitchen cupboard are now collectable ....wish I'd kept more !

  2. I love them! I love all things old! I am looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Beautiful collection. The colors are really bright. I vaguely remember this type of glassware in friends houses ( way back when).
    Not too many vintage shops left around where I live, but if I run across some of what you collect, well, I'll pick it up and send it your way.

  4. I'm looking forward to spending some Saturday time on your blog. And maybe displaying some of my stuff too. Great fun!!--Inger

  5. Cool, oh yah, I remember those, my Mom had a set! Not quite the same color combination of any of yours though, we used them as levels for a game. You have quite the collection!

    Suppose you are at the Birthday Bash or in preparation of.... I hope it all goes well and everyone has a great time!

  6. Penny, 'depression' glass was glass made during the depression was cheaply made and affordable therefore to a lot a people. Actually, the 'ring' ware above is a little later to be considered real 'depression'. Depression had molded patterns in the glass and a lot of companies competed for the market. In a later blog I will show some of this.'re very kind. Thanks.

    Sharon,probably since they weren't very valuable, people discarded or never thought about them.

    Bring it on to see some.

  7. It's funny how walking through an antique shop reminds me of my parents basement before they sold the house. I do remember this glass wear from my grandmother's house in particular. Love it.

  8. Beautiful collection indeed. I'll look forward to retro-Saturdays for more.

  9. Nice collection, and looking forward to seeing more of your retro finds.

    I have a bunch of milk glass I used to buy for $1 each at garage sales.

  10. Too cool! Things from that era (and earlier) have such style, I love it. And they look so great en masse in your pictures. Good job. I look forward to more of your Retro Saturdays.


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