Friday, June 11, 2010

Body Brushing 101

OK folks get ready for something different. No, I'm not going for a new layout design like a lot of people. Don't know how to do that yet....but I will soon.

I want to share with you the benefits of body brushing. Did you know that the skin is the largest organ on the human body? Well, it is.

Years ago an alternative nutritionist told me the benefits of this technique and said that if done regularly will help with circulation, provides a gentle detox  and keeps the skin in good working order......smooth as a babies bum.

And besides it feels someone scratching your back.

All you need is a brush that is designed for brushing the body with natural bristles. Make sure the bristles are not too soft. You can get two types I am aware of : one with a long handle and the brush at the end, and another with long cords attached to a flexible tube-like brush.

I have used both and prefer the former.....the one with the handle, easier to work and reach those hard to reach places.

Okay, how to begin. You start with one of your feet and begin to brush, in circular motions, the sole of that foot. Do about ten of so motions and begin to move up the leg with the brush. When you get to the knee area do the front and then the back of the knee. Spend a little more time here....this soft area is very sensitive but a vital one which stimulates circulation. Keep moving up the leg, front and back, till you reach  and brush the hip and buttock. Go to the other leg and start at the foot again......up to hip.

Now start with a hand and move up the arm as you did the leg and stop at the elbow joint. Brush the back of the elbow and then to the front part which is soft. Spend more time here as you did the knee. Then move up and around the arm in circular fashion till you reach and do the shoulder. Repeat same with the other arm.

To the back. Start at the lower back region and brush in a circular fashion back and forth across the back all the way up to the neck.

Now the trunk of the body. Begin above the hips on the side and brush across the lower trunk to the other side. Move up the side to the armpit and then move across the top of the chest to the other armpit and brush down this side to where you started.

Now brush the middle part of the trunk and always end over the heart.

Your body should be tingling all over and feel great. It may take a few days to get used to the 'prickly' feeling of the brush but eventually you will like it.

Yikes, I hope this isn't sounding weird. I just think and know the benefits of looking after the skin. I haven't done it for a while and started up a couple of weeks ago on a daily basis. It is so invigorating and I just wanted to share this with you all. It won't be for everyone but at least give it a try.

For those hard to reach places, like the back, get your partner  or close friend to help.

Also for a more extensive brushing method and a full list of all the benefits check out this website

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